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5 ways good commercial cleaning services can help keep your employees productive

Employee productivity is a key element in any company’s success. Hard work, motivation and focus all play a part in creating efficient and productive workers. This productivity starts with a clean, tidy space to get work done. A clean work environment can make a world of difference in worker productivity. Here are 5 ways good […]

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CS Mercia Employee Goes Above and Beyond To Help a Homeless Lady

CS Mercia employee and Helping Hands Birmingham Founder, Claire Whitaker went above and beyond to help 52-year-old homeless mum get back from Scotland, 450 miles away. Jayne a homeless mum ended up living rough in freezing temperatures after the city council’s outreach team gave a one-way train ticket to Inverness, after thinking Jayne had family […]

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Spring cleaning tips for Facilities Managers

With blossom on the trees and the first flowers in bloom, spring is truly a season for renewal. As the weather warms, there’s no better time for facility managers to freshen up their buildings with a few fixes and improvements. Prepare your facility with these simple spring cleaning tips for facility managers. Take A Good […]

Energy saving tips for your business

Today’s businesses have options for reducing their energy bills and adopting more environmentally friendly practices at the same time. Even small changes can add up to cost savings when your business chooses to invest in energy-efficient initiatives. From switching to LED bulbs (and switching them off when not in use) to cleaning the vents to […]

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Investing in the future and cleaning up in Norfolk

Simon Taplin has owned ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Anglia for over 30 years and has grown it into a successful business with many loyal clients and a good reputation among the local businesses throughout Mid Anglia. Simon’s Son in Law Malcolm Bennett is now managing director and together they have made the decision to […]

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Disinfection of surfaces between cleans

A regular schedule of cleaning and disinfection is crucial for protecting employees, customers, patients, and visitors. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the face of other dangerous pathogens, maintaining constant disinfection is more important than ever. Maintaining this disinfection in between major cleanings can help protect your business from potential outbreaks […]


New business owner brings opportunities to Stafford

Considering the recent negative news of businesses struggling in the current economic climate, it’s great to have something more positive to share. Local businessman Chris Lane has embarked on a new business opportunity in the area by investing in a ServiceMaster Clean franchise offering Commercial Cleaning Services in Stafford and the surrounding areas. Chris chose […]

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The germiest public places

With the COVID-19 pandemic, staying safe and clean is more important than ever before, however, public spaces can house thousands of germs. Light switches, door handles, community kitchens, sink faucets – you name it, there are probably germs nesting on it. Consider how many surfaces you touch every day. If you touch it, several other […]

Winter safety tips to protect your customers and employees

Operating a business in the rough winter months can present additional challenges for companies, employees and customers. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to remedy winter weather situations and help keep customers and employees safe in the season known for slips and falls. All it takes is a little planning, vigilance […]

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How we have managed through Christmas & COVID

With the ups and downs COVID-19 is bringing to both individuals and businesses ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford have had to adjust frequently in order to meet the changing needs of their clients. The Christmas period, in particular, has had significant challenges which ServiceMaster Clean Guildford have faced head-on. The big challenge faced as with […]

Protecting workplaces from a twindemic

ServiceMaster Clean is an international organisation with businesses all around the world, so when it comes to commercial cleaning, we are the experts. The ServiceMaster Clean Canada brand manager Gavin Bajin has put together this very useful post explaining how businesses around the world can survive a ‘twindemic’ this winter. Meaning, with COVID-19 still active […]

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Office cleaning business owner picks up three awards

Owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Durham & Teesside, Chris Blewitt picked up three awards at the annual ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Award Ceremony this year, ‘Rookie of The Year’, ‘Growth Award for Turnover Greater Than £100,000′ and ‘Recommending a New Franchisee’. The Rookie of The Year award is given to those who are new […]

3 cleaning methods that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19

With a prevalent virus which scientists are still learning about and a vaccine promised but not yet available to combat the spread, what control measures can you put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19? The spread of COVID-19 COVID-19 has a very fast reproduction rate with the droplets from coughing, sneezing and saliva […]


Preparing your office for the winter

As the temperatures drop, it’s time for businesses, offices and other facilities to prep for winter and the hazards it can bring, especially in areas that are more likely to receive ice and snow. ServiceMaster Clean knows you want to keep your employees, clients and visitors safe year-round and that winter presents unique challenges. Before […]

3 tips on cleaning common areas during COVID-19

Covid-19 has heightened our awareness of our surroundings and the cleanliness of shared spaces, especially when we’re out in public. We’re all doing our best not to touch our faces, use hand sanitiser, wash our hands frequently and wear face masks. With new measures around the UK being put into place, the government are advising […]

CS Guildford take part in YMCA The Sleep Easy 2020

The Sleep Easy for YMCA is starting to become a regular experience for Siva Kugathas of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford, as this year is the 2nd time him and his team has taken part. Due to COVID-19, Sleep Easy 2020 during October was set up differently this year, and the participants were not sleeping […]

3 Ways to prevent getting sick this winter

At work, you may be exposed to a number of germs, especially when flu season rolls around. Sick coworkers likely touch a variety of surfaces on their way in and out of the office, including shared spaces like the kitchen, bathrooms and conference rooms. Their germs can linger on tables, office equipment, door handles and […]


How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Combat COVID-19

Maintaining a clean work environment has always been important, but with the global COVID-19 pandemic, regular cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene have become more important than ever. Trying to run a business right now is more challenging than ever. How do you keep people safe, while still doing the volume of business you need to keep […]

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What does a post Covid-19 office look like?

The entire office culture across the UK has completely changed and most businesses will not return back to normal, instead a ‘new normal’ will have to be put in place. Following lockdown, many businesses are gradually starting the process of getting their staff back to work and there are changes to the offices that have […]