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Celebrating Staff Milestones at ServiceMaster Clean North Surrey

We sat down with Monika and Jackie from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey, West London & Hertfordshire, who are both celebrating five-year work anniversaries this year.

Milestones are important, especially in the workplace.

Especially given how much can change in a single year. Let alone multiple!

So, it’s no small matter when staff can celebrate fifth work anniversaries, like those observed by Jacki and Monika from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey, West London & Hertfordshire this year.

We sat down with them to discuss their experiences at ServiceMaster Clean over the past half-decade.

Monika’s Story

Monika, who manages HR administration and Payroll, started working at ServiceMaster Clean in March 2018 after a friend who had previously worked at ServiceMaster recommended the role to her.

Upon starting with ServiceMaster Clean, Monika received training in HR, RTW and English to support her personal development.

Monika says that her favourite aspect of working in HR is having contact with everyone and working with lots of different people.

She says that, in her experience, what makes a good cleaner and a good employee is that “they have good communication skills, they are honest, they are thorough and pay attention to detail, and they are efficient.”

Jackie’s Story

Jackie, who is an Office Administrator, has had a varied career.

After leaving university, she worked as a Legal Administrator before starting her family.

When her two children were younger, she operated her childcare setting for five years before joining ServiceMaster in April 2018.

Now with older children, Jackie says working at ServiceMaster Clean allows her to have a work-life balance to “suit family life.”

“As long as the work gets done, the hours are flexible.”

“That’s why I love working here,” she says.

Jackie’s Typical Working Day

Jackie’s work-life balance is further enabled by working in the office and at home, but always starting at 9:30 a.m. and finishing by 5:30 p.m.

She typically starts the day by liaising with her colleagues about any staff feedback and issues raised on sites.

“That usually sets the tone for the day,” she says.

“My priority is always checking messages and emails from clients. There is always a project on the go to keep me busy between keeping the clients happy.”

Professional and personal accomplishments

Though she admits it was initially a challenge, having worked hard to fit her work and family life together, Jackie has been given time to develop her skills in vital areas at ServiceMaster Clean.

She studied and retrained in bookkeeping administration, which has opened up more work streams for her and allowed her to do more challenging administration in the accounts side of the business.

An accomplishment she says she is very proud of.

A piece of work wisdom Jackie would like to impart is the value of communicating and listening to your team.

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