The best way to clean your warehouse

clean your warehouse

The best way to clean your warehouse

Our industry insider tips for keeping your warehouse clean and sanitary.

For those who manage a warehouse facility, it can be difficult to keep up with proper cleaning when there is so much to keep track of. However, there are myriad reasons why a clean warehouse should be your top priority. Not only will keeping a clean warehouse keep workers healthy and happy, but it also ensures the quality of your products is unaffected by potential contamination from harmful bacteria and germs – something to be particularly mindful of even now as new variants of COVID-19 are again seeing a rise in infections and deaths in the UK. If staying on top of warehouse sanitation is too much of a burden on you and your workers, regular visits from a commercial cleaning service like ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can help. To ensure that your warehouse facility is being properly cleaned on a routine basis, we’ve put together a Sanitation Checklist that can be used for daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and biannually warehouse upkeep.

Why is Warehouse Cleaning Essential?

While warehouses are often used to store items or products before they get shipped out, keeping them clean is critical. Proper cleaning will protect products from gathering dirt and dust, and the potential of bacteria, mould, and mildew growth in case of a leak. Routine cleaning keeps your products safe and protects your workers from bacteria, viruses, and other potential health hazards by ensuring that surfaces are properly disinfected using a hands-on application of disinfection products.

Irregular maintenance can also impact daily workflow, leaving you with less productive workers and a dirty facility. On the other hand, having a clean space to work helps boost productivity, keeps employees safe, and can lead to higher job satisfaction across the board. Make sure that your employees know how to efficiently clean their workspace. Alternatively, you could also call on the cleaning experts who can do the cleaning for you all while addressing your unique needs with the know-how needed for your specific industry.

Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Clean

  • Have a plan. Don’t let cleaning hinder the productivity of a warehouse and add it into the workflow instead. Cleaning without a plan will not address the unique cleaning needs of your warehouse and may give you a false sense of confidence that your property is clean. Knowing what areas to clean and how to do so is key.
  • Make sure cleaning supplies are always stocked. Even if you outsource the deep cleaning to the professionals, cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, etc, should always be available. This will be helpful to clean up manageable messes as they happen.
  • Have your employees be responsible for their “areas.” Assigning areas for employees to clean can help everyone stay accountable. Give them a list to check off their cleaning tasks, along with a spot to initial and date/time. For example, if your employee uses two types of heavy equipment throughout the day, have them be responsible for cleaning the machines.
  • Ensure employees know when they should report issues. All warehouse workers should know when and whom to go to when there are spills, hazards, and other conditions that need to be reported immediately. If hazardous messes aren’t taken care of right away, they can cause potential health issues for workers, affect products and even cause a loss in revenue.

Our Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

So how should you clean your warehouse? Separating lists for different tasks will help to maintain a clean and safe environment. While you most likely take the rubbish out every day, you probably don’t rotate products and clean behind the shelves daily. Having separate lists for different tasks will help you stay organised.

A daily warehouse sanitation checklist could include:

  • Sweep and mop the warehouse floor.
  • Take out the bins and recycle waste in toilets and washrooms, kitchens, and areas where products are unpackaged.
  • Clean employee toilets.
  • Wipe down all heavily trafficked areas like countertops, machinery, and doorknobs.
  • Wipe down all heavily used equipment, like forklifts.

Note: It’s also advisable to implement a “clean as you go” rule for warehouse workers to take care of new messes as they happen.

A monthly warehouse sanitation checklist could include:

  • Inspect floors throughout the warehouse.
  • Pull pallets and rotate products on shelves.
  • Clean breakroom fridges and throw away expired or uneaten food.
  • Check for leaks, mould, and mildew.
  • Wipe down windows and dust/clean blinds.
  • Clean under units and shelving.
  • Power wash walkways, steps, and landing docs.

A manager or worker in a warehouse should be able to quickly create these checklists, and more tasks can be added as the routine cleaning process is implemented.

Need a hand cleaning your commercial property?

With all types of facilities struggling to find workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not find that there is enough time in the day (or in a month) to get through all the cleaning to uphold your safety and cleanliness standards. This is where a regular cleaning programme from the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can help. With over 60 years of cleaning experience in the UK for both Private and Public Sector clients, we are best placed to utilise our expertise and work with you to put in place the most suitable cleaning services for your premises.

If you feel you aren’t properly equipped to keep up with the regular cleaning at your facilities, consider outsourcing to commercial cleaning services that can keep everything up to standard. Find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to receive a free quote on our bespoke commercial cleaning services today.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer