ServiceMaster Newbury Mid Year Company Review


Adherence to good practices and teamwork played a central role in dealing with challenging economic times in 2018, Managing Director Nick Dee Shapland said at ServiceMaster’s Mid Year Company Review. He confirmed ServiceMaster ended the financial year in a strong position, with the company well positioned to look forward to the business future with optimism and thanked the staff for their leadership and hard work. For the first time, the mid year review was delivered at both ServiceMaster’s offices in Newbury and again in Gloucester due to continued expansion in the social housing market.

The mid-year review included information on:

  • Sales growth in the three departments – Commercial, Communal and Residential.
  • The importance of budgeting to deliver a programme of growth and investment in people, vehicles and technology.
  • The need to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and investment in staff through training and auditing.
  • Legislative updates and the gender pay gap.

One of the much anticipated meeting highlights was the presentation of the annual Avril Bannister Award. The Avril Bannister Award is given to someone who displays dependability, a consistent quality of work, good communication skills, leadership, a high standard of appearance and is committed to the pursuit of excellence. We are delighted to announce this year’s winner is John Millington, Communal Field Supervisor. Amanda Cook, Commercial Field Supervisor, is the very worthy runner up.