In honour of Father’s Day, we’re spotlighting father and daughter duo Chris and Jessica Blewitt from ServiceMaster Clean North East, who recently celebrated 5 years in business.

What is it like to build a business with your father/daughter?

Chris: “Overall it’s great to build a business with your daughter. Jessica is only 23 now and was 17 when we started. She was at college then but helped out from the first day. She was the one that did our first tax return and she is the expert on invoicing, banking, and payroll.

It was not planned that she would come into the business, it just evolved. She went from helper to part-time employee. She then was offered a full-time promotion by her other part-time employer, which was a tough decision but I said she should do what was right for her. She carried on helping, which was hard when she had already done a long day.

We knew that one day she would come back into the business full-time but perhaps that was 5 or 10 years away. Rapid growth meant that a full-time Business Process Manager was required and she decided now was the time to come back into the business and we believe make it her career. Seeing firsthand her capability and dedication fills me with immense pride. At such a young age, she gives the appearance of a veteran. She is well-known in the network and with Head Office staff.”

Jessica: “I find it motivating to work in the business because if I do a good job, not only is it beneficial to me but to my Dad and my family as a whole. It can be challenging to have to switch between the roles of ‘employee and boss’  to ‘daughter and father’. Because it’s my Dad I always know he has my best interests at heart – I have his back and he has mine.”

Why did you decide to build a company alongside your family?

Chris: “As mentioned previously,  it wasn’t planned although I did think it could create opportunities for family members. Perhaps you could say I secretly hoped Jessica would get involved. I have a son also, Daniel, who is now 21 but still deciding what he wants to do. He is very entrepreneurial but still getting to grips with the world of work. At this stage, I am not sure if there would be a role in our commercial cleaning business but a franchise with another ServiceMaster brand could be a possibility.

Sue, my wife, also helps in the business but has her own separate career. That said, we worked side by side, on initial deep cleans, with  two of our longest serving clients and was there to support, for cover, when we only had a very small team.”

How has your dad/family given you the skills to run the business?

Jessica: “We are not quite at the stage where I am running the business but I am fully aware of all the functions. I specialise in our office and business processes, both developing them and operating them, but I am heavily involved in running the operational side of the business. The sales and marketing side of the business is something I would need more exposure to but alternatively, it’s not a role I might do, just manage if I take on a General Manager role in the future, depending how big we grow.

I work extremely closely with my Dad, so I live and breathe the events that occur in the company. We have very similar thinking, which makes it easier and my Dad likes to talk through issues with members of his team, including me – we have a very collaborative culture. I think my Dad is a great mentor and at 23 I feel well-equipped to run the franchise – at some point in the future. My Dad has a business degree but he tells me I have a much greater understanding of running a business than he did at my age.”

What is it like to operate a multi-generational business?

Chris: “Having the opportunity to work with a member of your family on any ‘project’ can be very rewarding, but building something as large and multi-faceted as a business takes this to another level. Being able to spend so much time with someone you care about is another benefit. I held my Dad in very high regard but I never saw so closely, firsthand,  how he did business.”

What legacy were/are you hoping to leave behind for Jessica/future generations?

Chris: “Building something that can benefit a future generation of your family is very satisfying. The thought that perhaps other future generations could be involved, develop themselves in the business, and take it on further would be even more exciting. Hopefully, the business will continue with my values being the foundation –  hard work, servicing our clients very well, looking after our people, and offering a truly professional service.  I have no plans to sell the business, my plan is to pass it on through the family – if that’s what they want to do.”

What about ServiceMaster Clean made it the right company for your careers?

Jessica: “Whilst I didn’t plan this as a career, I have found it to be a great match for my skills. I enjoy the variety of work and love the flexibility. Recently I bought a house to do up and the business gives me the opportunity to flex my day to keep the building project on track – I couldn’t have done this in a 9-5 role.  It’s a bit of payback for the nights a few years ago when we worked until 11 pm doing payroll before I became full-time!”

Chris: “When I looked at business opportunities I wanted something scalable, proven but with support if needed it. I thought the people at ServiceMaster Clean were people I could work with and this has been found to be the case. It’s great to be part of a network. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this 20 years earlier – but then I wouldn’t have been able to grow it from the start with my daughter.”

Benefit from professional cleaning services

To benefit from the services provided by Chris, Jessica, and the rest of the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East team, call 0191 250 5116 for a free quote on a range of bespoke cleaning services.

Or nationwide, call 0845 201 1184 or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to contact your local cleaning experts today.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid-Anglia is recognising the long service of an employee.

 The cleaning industry is infamous for notably high staff turnover rates. So, when members of staff work in a business for a long time, not only is it notable, but it’s also a sign of an exceptional operation.

One such business is ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid-Anglia, which, on top of leading the way in terms of its environmental initiatives, has today celebrated the 19th work anniversary of one of its Cleaning Operatives, Sue Toll.

Not only that, but today Sue celebrated working with the same client with whom she began working almost two decades ago!

This demonstrates the strength of the client relationships cultivated at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services.

We work closely with our cleaners and customers to create a bespoke and personal service that is exceptional and performed with heart.

To celebrate Sue’s achievement, she was awarded a certificate and glass plaque – which can be seen above being handed to Sue by Operations Manager: Tim Stevens.

See the value of a cleaner that cares

Sue’s work and commitment epitomise our ServiceMaster commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty.

We know that the value of a good service goes beyond just cost, which is why we pride ourselves on building long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.

This helps us to know, meet, and exceed your expectations and deliver the service you deserve every time.

To start working with a cleaner who puts care into everything they do, contact Malcolm and his team today by calling 0800 085 3541.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today to receive a free, no-obligation quote on our bespoke and professional cleaning services.

With employees back in the office, how do you maintain your floors?

We might not think about our floors bearing the brunt of the UK’s changeable temperatures.

But, just like you, your commercial property also feels the chill of winter and highs of summer – particularly the flooring.

Luckily, the experts at ServiceMaster Clean are here with a guide to making your commercial floor maintenance easy.

Hard Surfaces

Many types of tile and hardwood commercial floors can require slightly different cleaning techniques.

However, you should always refer to your flooring manufacturer’s manual and test cleaning solutions in a small, inconspicuous area before starting to avoid costly damages.

When cleaning hardwood floors:

  • Sweep away visible debris to remove larger particles from the surface.
  • Use a semi-acidic floor cleaner or mix vinegar with water to neutralise and dissolve any remaining salt residue.
  • Refer to product instructions for dilution ratios.
  • Once the salt residue is suspended in the cleaner, use a mop to absorb the liquid.
  • If your floor’s finish has been damaged, use a stripper solution to remove it.
  • Apply the solution and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Add more as needed.
  • Refer to the specific stripping product’s label for exact instructions.

Safety Tip: Use floor fans and open windows to improve ventilation when working with harsh chemicals.

  • Use a scrubber to agitate the surface and strip the remaining finish.
  • Mop the floor with clean water to remove lingering chemicals from the cleaner and stripping solution.
  • Let the floor dry completely.
  • Apply two coats of sealing and a few fresh coats of finish for a floor that looks as good as new.

Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces are equally affected by salt, mud, and melting snow or ice – if not more so.

The salt residue will leave a characteristic white and powdery residue on carpet surfaces, while chemicals can soak deep into the fibres and padding.

If water damage goes untreated, mould and mildew can grow and spread, leading to long-term issues.

How to Clean Commercial Carpets

Add absorbent doormats, umbrella stands and coat racks to your building’s entrance to reduce the amount of water that can reach your carpeted areas during the winter.

In warmer weather, follow these steps to clean your carpets.

  • Vacuum visible dirt particles and debris.
  • Use water and a residue-removing cleaning solution.
  • Let the solution soak into the carpet for approximately 15 minutes. Refer to the specific product for dilution ratios.
  • Use a wet vacuum to remove the solution, oils and dissolved residue.
  • Rinse with clean water and suction it out with a wet vacuum. You may find that you need to repeat steps 2-4 depending on the amount of damage.
  • Use carpet fans to dry the floor.

Need your premises cleaned to a high standard?

The time, energy, and heavy equipment required to clean commercial carpets can burden any business owner.

If you need carpet cleaning or hard floor maintenance, let the experts at ServiceMaster Clean do the work by finding your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business or calling 0845 201 1184.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re discussing how to manage anxiety in the workplace. 

This week, people and businesses worldwide are marking Mental Health Awareness Week.

But what is it? How do you get involved? Why is it focusing on anxiety? And how can you include your workplace?

What is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Mental Health Awareness Week is an initiative from the Mental Health Foundation, which was formed in 1949 and has since become the UK’s leading mental health charity.

Their mission statement envisions…

“A world with good mental health for all. With prevention at the heart of what we do, we aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems so that people and communities can thrive.”

“We will drive change towards a mentally healthy society for all, and support communities, families and individuals to live mentally healthier lives, with a particular focus on those at greatest risk.”

Mental Health Awareness Week has been a long-running initiative of the Mental Health Foundation, focusing on a varying theme annually to highlight different aspects of mental health each year.

The first Mental Health Awareness Week was observed in 2001 and centred on the theme of ‘Friendship and Mental Health’.

It has since focused on issues like loneliness, stress, mindfulness, ‘nature and the environment’, ‘women and mental health’, and kindness – to name a few.

This year the theme is anxiety.

Anxiety in the modern world

In 2023, there is a lot to be anxious about – and you wouldn’t be alone if you are struggling.

According to Mental Health UK, in the UK, over 8 million people are experiencing an anxiety disorder at any one time.

There are three main types of anxiety; generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety, and health anxiety.

Lots of things can lead to feelings of anxiety, be they personal or professional.

The problem arises when these become too much to manage.

The Mental Health Foundation hopes that:

“Focusing on anxiety for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week will increase people’s awareness and understanding of anxiety by providing information on the things that can help prevent it from becoming a problem.”

“We will keep up the pressure to demand change – making sure that improving mental health is a key priority for the government and society as a whole.”

Managing anxiety in the workplace

Whether you’re working at home or in the office, knowing how to take care of your mental health at work is of the utmost importance.

Thankfully, there are lots of handy resources to help staff at all levels work together to better overall mental health in your workplace.

From Headspace for work to online guides and training schemes, you can do a lot for your team and their mental health simply by seriously engaging with the topic and making it less of a taboo subject.

The Mental Health Foundation also advise steps for coping with anxiety – many of which can be applied during work hours.

These include:

  1.  Focus on your breathing: To help you ground yourself and control anxious thoughts. Using the 4-7-8 breathing technique has been proven to be effective here. This means breathing in through your nose for 4 counts, then holding it for seven and exhaling through your mouth for eight counts.
  2. Exercise: Gentle exercises like yoga, walking, jogging or swimming can greatly quell anxiety. Try and find ways throughout the work day to keep moving – even a little.
  3. Keep a diary: To get a better understanding of your anxieties and stop them from taking over your mind by putting them down on paper.
  4. Challenge your thoughts: To avoid rumination worsening your anxiety, try to combat your anxious thoughts by challenging them. Think, is what you’re worried about likely to happen? Has this or a similar situation worked out amicably before
  5. Spend time in nature: Being out in nature can provide a huge boost to your mental health. Does your workplace have an outdoor space where you can eat your lunch or take breaks? Try spending some time outdoors to alleviate anxiety at work.
  6. Connect with people around you: Talk to your coworkers, managers or someone else in your life about worries in your life. Sharing your anxieties can help you feel less isolated and overwhelmed.
  7. Stay healthy: Getting enough sleep and maintaining a balanced diet can help with anxiety regulate your blood sugar and gives you the energy you need to live well.
  8. Maintain a clean environment: A dirty workspace can greatly impact both your productivity and mental health. Try and keep your desk and workspaces cluttered and hygienic to aid anxiety and stress.

Dirty workplace making you anxious?

If your workspace needs a professional and regular cleaning from the experts, think ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services.

By getting in touch with your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business, you benefit from over 60 years of professional and bespoke cleaning expertise from your local experts in high-quality cleaning.

No matter your organisation, we deliver, going above and beyond to ensure the highest standard of cleaning every single time.

To find out more or receive a free, no-obligation quotation on our services, call 0845 201 1184 today.

And for resources and ways to get involved with this year’s Mental Health Awareness week, discover ways to take part today.

Looking for ways to commemorate the coronation as a business? 

The Big Help Out is a coming together of thousands of organisations nationwide, uniting to support local communities.

What is the Big Help Out?

Organised in conjunction with celebrations for the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, starting on Monday 8th May, The Big Help Out is a voluntary initiative supported by some of the UK’s largest volunteer organisations, like the National Trust, Scouts and the RSPCA, to raise awareness of volunteering throughout the UK.

Activities throughout the day will provide opportunities for people to experience volunteering and make a difference in their communities.

How do I take part?

There are many ways to get involved in The Big Help Out.

If you are interested, you can participate as:

  1. An individual
  2. An organisation
  3. A business

To register as any of these participants, access the official app.

What can I do?

As Big Help Organisers state:

“There will be opportunities for everyone to join in. No matter what you are good at, there’ll be something to suit helping hands of all shapes and sizes! From checking in on someone who’d like a bit of company or volunteering for a charity. The more of us who join in, the bigger help we will be.”

Activities can include events benefitting:

There’s plenty to do, so get involved however you can.

We’ll see you there!

Give your premises a royal treatment

Whatever your business or operation, a proper cleaning programme is vital.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have over 60 years of experience delivering high-quality, bespoke and professional cleaning services across varied sectors.

Whether you’re an office, retail, medical, housing or warehouse facility, trust your local experts and get a cleaning programme tailor-made to suit you today.

Get a clean fit for a king by finding your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business or calling 0845 201 1184 today.

How regular cleaning services boost your employee productivity.

Everybody knows that employee productivity is crucial to a company’s success.

Hard work, motivation, and focus all play a part in creating dynamic, productive workers.

Without it, workers can be more prone to sickness, sloth and complacency.

Therefore, the results that you want, and the culture of your company, suffer.

Good workplace productivity starts with a clean, tidy space.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have over 60 years of experience providing quality, professional contract cleaning services to a diverse clientele across numerous sectors.

With that experience comes the right know-how, people and technology to constantly go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional standard of cleaning every time.

But how does using our cleaning services help with employee productivity?

This blog post explores five ways professional contract cleaning services help boost worker productivity.

  1. Employees Will Use Fewer Sick Days

Regularly scheduled office cleanings are what is known as a type of nonpharmaceutical intervention (NPI).

Introduced under government guidelines at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, NPIs help to eliminate viruses like the flu from frequently touched items in high-traffic areas, like a facility or workplaces.

This helps decrease the risk of spreading viruses among employees.

If the office stays clean, your staff can stay on track without needing time off for avoidable illnesses.

Professional cleaning services include proven processes to ensure that all areas at high risk for contamination get cleaned regularly.

That way, your staff can stay focused, on task and present for every scheduled shift.

  1. Employees Will Be Less Distracted

Time is money.

You hire your employees to do their work, not to spend valuable time tidying around the office.

However, a cluttered workspace creates a cluttered mind.

With rubbish bins overflowing, dust everywhere and dirty or disorganised desks, it can be hard to concentrate on getting the job done.

Their minds may wander, or they’ll take time to clean up the mess themselves instead of completing their daily tasks.

Luckily, regular cleaning services ensure a consistently clean work environment so your staff can focus and perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

  1. Employees Feel Happier

In addition to creating a healthier office, a clean work environment makes for a happier office.

With dust-free desks and clean scents, your employees may feel excited about coming to work.

As opposed to showing up to a filthy, smelly, cluttered mess.

When you start using professional cleaning services to keep your work environment clean, check in with your employees to determine if their moods and perception of work have improved.

  1. Employees Spend More Time Working

According to the Cleaning Management Institute, when a building is cleaned for health standards rather than just making it look good, occupants get more work done and generally do a better job.

Outsourcing your cleaning services helps ensure that your building is cleaned appropriately to minimise the spread of illness and infections.

Professional cleaning services also give your employees more time to undertake their work, rather than cleaning or sanitising their desks and shared spaces.

  1. You Save Money

While professional cleaning services can help keep your facility healthy, clean and organised, they also help your company save money.

Outsourcing cleaning services can help you streamline your expenses since you pay on a by-needs basis.

You also won’t have to worry about having extra employees on your payroll.

Are you ready to increase productivity in your workplace? We’d love to help.

A custom cleaning programme from ServiceMaster Clean

Your local experts at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can save your business time and money and improve productivity.

People are at the heart of what we do.

And so are the relationships that we nurture with our clients.

We know cleaning requirements are as unique as the businesses that need them.

We’ll work closely with you to create a customised cleaning programme that meets your business’s needs and schedule.

For a free, no-obligation quote or to learn more about how your local experts can help you, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business or call 0845 201 1184 today.

Malcolm Bennet from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Anglia discusses their ongoing sustainability initiatives that are helping make a cleaner UK.

As climate change becomes an ever-present issue in the media and public consciousness, there is a growing focus on collective responsibility.

This can include collectives as large as entire nations as countries prepare to face this looming threat.

But it can also mean businesses.

Although, with the cost-of-living crisis still taking centre stage in the UK, many are focusing on costs above thoughts of sustainability business models.

In fact, according to Forbes, although 90% of businesses think that sustainability is essential, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy in place.

This raises the question:

Do businesses have a responsibility to operate sustainably?

The short answer is yes.

Much of our carbon production, as the main culprit in global warming, has to do with our businesses, industry and production habits.

As global economies have improved over recent decades, the demand and production of goods and services have increased, and energy demand has soared, along with our collective carbon footprint.

The increased combustion of fossil fuels to meet this demand has seen annual global greenhouse gas emissions increase by 50% over the past 30 years.

And according to the European Environment Agency, only a small number of industrial facilities are responsible for 50% of air pollution-related damage in Europe.

To do their bit to combat this – businesses like ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Anglia feel compelled to do their bit by operating their businesses more sustainably.

Malcolm Bennet, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Anglia’s Manager Director, says that when looking to improve the company’s environmental standing, his main thought was a sense of responsibility that compelled him to act.

“Morally, I felt we should be doing something. I thought, if all I do is think about it, I’ll never do anything,” he says.

So, in October 2022, Malcolm and his team began implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives across the business.

What initiatives are in place?

Vehicles and electricity

While still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, the business has managed to operate electric cars and hybrid vans, including a fully electric sales car, and introduce free-to-use charging points for staff at the office.

This goes hand-in-hand with existing habits within the business of fuel efficiency and not making unnecessary journeys.

This alone can have an enormous impact.

For example, according to the Harvard Business Review, by improving fuel efficiency by roughly 87% between 2005 and 2014, Walmart avoided 15,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions and saved nearly $11 million in one year.

Though this is one of the largest companies in the world, this example illustrates the scale that simple fuel efficiency can have on costs and the environment.

Malcolm also implemented LED bulbs in the business office, which are more sustainable and equipped with sensors so that they only turn on when people are in the room, increasing energy efficiency.

Tree planting initiatives

One of the main initiatives that Malcolm and his team have undertaken since October is planting trees for each quarter and new client.

“Once a quarter, we plant 50 trees ourselves and then, for every new customer, donate a tree on their behalf and send them a certificate,” says Malcolm.

Since October, this has led to the planting of around 270, which, within a year, will have absorbed about 13,008 pounds of carbon dioxide – approx. 930 stone!

Personable impact

The impact this has is not just on the environment, as the sustainability practices and certification are a great example of how we go above and beyond for clients.

Malcolm says that the initiatives have been a conversation starter for many customers.

“All of our vehicles have electric/green [indicators] to point out that they’re electric, so when we go to customers, it becomes a bit of a talking point.”

The tree planting, he adds,

“Has been quite… not popular – because I don’t think people buy into the business just for that. But they appreciate it when they do see it.”

Malcolm is right.

While there is more to choosing a business for a job than its sustainability record, research from Wunderman Thompson found that 83% of consumers will always choose a brand with a better sustainability record.

Getting the ball rolling

Malcolm says that he hopes that he feels businesses have a degree of responsibility to set an example.

He says he hopes other businesses will see the benefit and reasons to operate more sustainably and follow suit.

“You’ve got to start doing these things, and the more people that start doing it, it snowballs,” he says.

“Hopefully, we can encourage others to do it and start making a difference themselves.”

“We’ll continue to ensure that our office operations follow a green model and work with our suppliers and supply network to encourage them to do the same.”

The value of a cleaner who cares

The work of Malcolm and his team epitomises the ServiceMaster commitment to caring about our customers and environment and going above and beyond the call of duty.

We know that the value of a good service goes beyond just cost, which is why we pride ourselves on building long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.

This helps us to know, meet, and exceed your expectations and deliver the service you deserve every time.

To start working with a cleaner who puts care into everything they do, contact Malcolm and his team today by calling 0800 085 3541.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today to receive a free, no-obligation quote on our bespoke and professional cleaning services.

Are you feeling the pinch?

With changes to the National Living Wage leading to the highest-ever increase of 9.7%, it’s no doubt that you’ll see an increase in your in-goings and outgoings as a result.

A recap of the changes

The recent increase follows advice issued to the Government by the Low Pay Commission (LPC) last year.

It has been undertaken in response to the cost-of-living crisis and to align with the Government’s goal of two-thirds of median earnings by 2024.

The LPC is also now consulting on National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates for April next year and will recommend any changes in October.

The changes made at the beginning of this month, of course, differ depending on age.

They are:

Are you feeling the pinch of your cleaning service?

These changes will have a widespread impact on businesses but will acutely affect services like cleaning.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have over 60 years as leaders in the competitive and changeable cleaning industry, serving businesses through difficult times.

Here’s how:

We know cleaning is more than skin deep. Businesses are as varied as the people who run them, so we understand that one service does not suit all.

So, we do more than keep up your appearances. We tailor our services to suit your space, teams, customers, and budgets.

Our teams of local and professional experts deliver bespoke quotes and regular meetings with you to understand how you use your space and, subsequently, how you need it to be cleaned and managed.

We then tailor our offer accordingly while upholding regular and ongoing meetings to ensure we go above and beyond the service you expect through the on-hand supervision of our local teams.

At ServiceMaster Clean, our equipment, expertise and brand are trusted nationwide. This includes products and equipment that are unavailable anywhere else!

Our services benefit from this while maintaining a local and personalised approach guaranteed to suit you.

Can your current cleaning contractor say that?

With cleaning services costing more, you want to know that you are getting the best value for your money.

With ServiceMaster Clean, you do.

Switch to a better-value cleaning supplier by finding your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business today.

A staff member from ServiceMaster LNP has been featured on ITV News as part of a story on International Women’s Day.

Davinder Ghattoura, one of the Area Supervisors at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services in Leicester, has become a local hero after featuring in a story for ITV News.

The story, for International Women’s Day, focused on an initiative from Leicester City Football Club to encourage women into the sport.

The Leicester City Active Women programme is headed by Rukshana Hussain, who aims to support local women by helping them get into the sport to improve their social and physical skills.

Davinder, who works for ServiceMaster LNP, was interviewed by ITV News’ Arul Lal as one of the many women who have taken part in and benefitted from the scheme since it launched in May 2022.

Speaking on the importance of women’s contribution and participation in football and other sports, Davinder told ITV News:

“Women need to be recognised.”

“You’re not just the housewife doing the cooking,” she said.

“You can go out there, you can do sports. Any sport you like.”

Davinder also highlighted the significance of schemes like Leicester City Active Women, which foster belief and encourage women from all backgrounds to break out of traditional societal expectations and moulds.

Particularly the support from other women, Davinder says.

“You need to get encouragement from other women.”

Heading towards its first anniversary, the scheme’s leader says it goes beyond football, as there is such value in providing a community for women who need a space, a voice, and encouragement from their peers.

Local people, national expertise, premium service

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have over 60 years of experience as a national brand, leading the way in the cleaning industry.

This informs the service we deliver in local communities across the UK.

Each of our business owners is a specialist in what they do and is committed to supplying expert and informed services to businesses in their area.

Our services are bespoke.

By working and meeting regularly with our teams, we ensure to go above and beyond your expectations by helping you manage the unique requirements of your premises.

Start working with a cleaner you can trust today and join your local experts working hard to support your community.

Get cleaner premises with less hassle now.

Find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business or call 0845 201 1184 to book a free, no-obligation quote on our services today.

How dust negatively impacts your warehouse facility.

At a warehouse facility, one common issue you may face is dust.

You are not alone.

For warehouse facilities, this is an occupational hazard and an ongoing battle.

Made up of particles from differing sources, dust naturally builds up in areas where items are undisturbed for an extended period.

It is also tricky to manage, as it is easily spread through the air and settles wherever it has space.

But what are the main issues that dust brings? And how can you combat it?

Health risks

The primary dust-related concern for any workplace is worker health.

These can be minor, like exposing your staff to breathing irritations.

But it could also lead to severe issues and illnesses.

According to guidance from the World Health Organisation:

“Airborne dusts are associated with classical widespread occupational lung diseases such as the pneumoconioses, as well as systemic intoxications such as lead poisoning, especially at higher levels of exposure.

A lot of these pertain to chemical and mineral dust, but as discussed by the WHO, “There is also increasing interest in other dust-related diseases, such as cancer, asthma, allergic alveolitis and irritation, as well as a whole range of non-respiratory illnesses, which may occur at much lower exposure levels.”

It has even been observed that long-term exposure to the types of dust that can commonly be found in commercial premises and warehouses has been linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is a group of lung conditions that cause breathing problems like emphysema and bronchitis.

Negative impressions

One of the most common causes of dust in warehouse facilities in transit.

Dust is easily transferred from place to place on pallets, doors, and goods so can arrive at a facility covered.

When distributing goods, even if they don’t come from your warehouse, dust can leave a negative impression of your services and may impact your business.

Dust is unavoidable but should be combatted as much as possible to avoid leaving clients with a negative impression of you.

By implementing proper cleaning procedures at your warehouse, you avoid negative connotations and health risks from dust – benefitting you and your staff.

Need a warehouse cleaning service?

Combatting dust in your warehouse can be a difficult and time all-consuming struggle.

Regular cleaning from your local experts can eliminate the danger of dust in your warehouse by ensuring you stay on top of dust.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we work with you to provide regular, bespoke and expert cleaning services as often as you need us.

Through frequent auditing, we ensure to go above and beyond to match and, where possible, exceed your expectations.

With over 60 years of expertise as leaders in the cleaning industry, our local experts are equipped with the right tools and expertise to deliver the best possible standard of cleaning for your facility every time.

Whether using bespoke equipment to clean hard-to-reach areas or ensuring your workspaces are well-maintained and hygienic, at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we fight the battles so that you can win the war on dust once and for all.

To learn more, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business or call 0845 201 1184 for a free, no-obligation quote on our services today.

We’re spreading the love this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services!

No matter your business, the love of clean premises is universal.

Whether you’re an office, housing association, car showroom, education or medical facility, keeping your commercial property spotless is how you show you care.

Not just about your customers and patrons but your staff and your image.

Quality cleaning is often an invisible but essential tool. When it’s there, it can go unnoticed, but when it’s absent, it’s more than apparent.

That’s why we’re sharing the love this Valentine’s Day and giving flowers to our brand and industry.

As one of the UK’s top commercial cleaning providers, our franchisees up and down the country care about the territories they serve.

And as local businesses backed by a multinational brand, they are equipped with the best training, expertise, and equipment to deliver the highest standard of cleaning every time.

What we love about ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services

We spoke to some of our franchisees, to see what they love about their businesses.

CJ Micallef, from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester and recent winner of a Great British Franchisee Award, says what she loves about her business is:

“I love ServiceMaster Manchester because of what my team achieves daily for our customers and colleagues,” she says.

“We are expert problem solvers that go above and beyond for our customers.

In an industry notorious for its problems, we demonstrate through our service delivery that no issue is too big to overcome and that with every challenge there is an opportunity for all.”

I love that our customers trust and value what we say and do. Which is a testament to our longevity within the commercial contract cleaning market.”

Great British Entrepreneur, Siva Kugathas, from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services AAA says what he loves about his business is the flexibility and the community of our franchise network, and the support he gets from being part of that community.

Show your premises some love

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we love what we do and work closely with clients in a range of commercial industries through regular audits that enable us to go above and beyond in the service we deliver.

Show your premises some love this Valentine’s Day by joining forces with the local experts at your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business.

Call 0845 201 1184 to see how our teams can help you today.

A cleaning company launched from a couple’s conservatory 30 years ago has won its current boss a major industry award.

CJ Micallef, the daughter of the founders of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester, has won a Great British Franchisee Award – the highest honour in the franchising world.

The Great British Franchisee Awards

Organised by franchising staple whichfranchise, Great British Franchisee status recognises the ‘crème de la crème of Britain’s franchisees’ for excellence in their industry, customer satisfaction and growth, and, in many cases, how the business owners coped during the pandemic.

The awards, now in their third year, have seen ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchises awarded each consecutive year, with CJ Micallef joining Chris Blewitt and Siva Kugathas as GBFA awardees from our network, and 14 of Britain’s finest franchisees this year.

How it started

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester has grown from one couple’s dream, thought up in a conservatory, to a thriving business that employs more than 300 staff with a turnover of more than £3 million, and CJ expects to hit £4 million soon.

When CJ’s parents bought the franchise to provide cleaning services in the city centre and South areas of Manchester in 1992, it took a year to make a profit.

It went on to become the top ServiceMaster franchise four times in a single year, and CJ’s parents won the HSBC-backed Franchisee of The Year Award from the Daily Express in 1999.

Going above and beyond

They took the bold step of expanding their territory during the recession of 2008 and were rewarded with a loyalty that has seen many of their cleaners remain with them for more than 10 years.

“As a sector with a high staff turnover rate, achieving such feats of employee dedication within the cleaning industry is exceptional, “says CJ.

“We deliver cleaning services to more than 200 customers on 265 sites a day – and that will rise to 664 sites from this year, following our success in winning a contract from another large housing association.

“We were hit hard by the pandemic. Almost 60% of our client base suspended operations overnight and many of those clients didn’t reinstate cleaning services until June, which meant we lost more than three months’ revenue.

“The short-term impact of COVID was further compounded by the loss of more than 10 contracts totalling half a million.

“Operating under uncertain and fluctuating circumstances, we rose to the challenge. All of our Head Office staff returned from furlough and we restructured our team at director level.

“To accommodate our growth, three full-time mobile cleaners provide vital cover for our growing customer base and we now have a fleet of 17 vehicles.”

About CJ

CJ, who joined the company after working for McDonald’s, Sainsbury’s and Starbucks, says her parents started the business after spotting a gap in the market.

“Cleaning was classed as a commodity, had little personalisation and value set upon it, and cleaning staff were viewed as invisible, as opposed to an individual with a purpose.

Therefore, my parents decided to create a niche in the market centred around quality cleaning services rather than price.

We’re now a business that other ServiceMaster franchisees turn to for support, advice, problem-solving and knowledge.”

Some words from our team

Guy Strang, Brand Leader for ServiceMaster, seconds this, saying “CJ is central to the work of CS Manchester.”

“Not only has she continued to grow the business, but she has consistently invested in new technology and systems that allow her and the Manchester team to work smarter and faster to provide their clients with the best possible contract cleaning experience every single time.

A key strength of being a part of a franchise is belonging to a network of like-minded business people. As a pillar of our network and their local community, CJ and the CS Manchester team are a source of constant inspiration and support to their peers.

Quite honestly, it is difficult to summarise all the contributions that CJ and the team at CS Manchester have made in their local area.

Be it, employment, charitable activities, or developing individuals in their business and personal lives, working for the betterment of others is at the heart of what CJ and CS Manchester do day in and day out.

However, one thing it is not difficult for me to see is that all of this makes CJ worthy of recognition and such an award.”

CJ says that she would like to thank her team and dedicate her award to her staff.

“We couldn’t have achieved this fantastic award without our amazing team who work tirelessly day in and day out to deliver quality services for our customers,” she says. “This award is for them!”

“When you have a great team it’s easier to lead, I’m thankful and grateful that we have great motivated colleagues to work alongside.

Without their hard work, determination, commitment, and effort the company would not be in the strong position it is in.”

Need a professional cleaner?

To get in touch with CJ and her team and benefit from professional cleaning services from an award-winning business, call 0161 905 3000 today.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to see how we can help you.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester have been getting in the festive and charitable spirit by supporting Bolton at Home this Christmas.

Bolton at Home is a charitable community benefit society that works to create ‘homes and neighbourhoods we can all be proud of’ in the Bolton area.

As an organisation, Bolton at Home owns, manages, and maintains over 18,000 homes across Bolton borough and works in partnership with a variety of local charities, and social enterprises.

This helps people from across the community and supports them when dealing with issues like debt, poverty, homelessness, and domestic abuse.

Support from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester

This Christmas, the team at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester have helped to support Bolton At Home by helping to pack Christmas parcel packages for the elderly residents of the Bolton community.

In just 2 hours, Carol (the Bolton Area Supervisor), Charles (Administration Assistant) and CJ (Commercial Director) managed to pack 385 elderly gentleman’s parcels and over 50 elderly couples’ parcels, which are out for delivery currently, to arrive ahead of Christmas.

Carol and Charles, hard at work

These parcels included items like warm socks, gloves, coffee, soup, biscuits, chocolate, pens, torches, mugs and Christmas crackers.

The team said it was “A very humbling experience for all involved, [we’re] so glad our small efforts will make a difference to someone this Christmas.”

A job well done: Charles, Carol, and CJ with their fully-packed parcels


Get in touch

To find out more about Bolton at Home and how you can get involved, call 01204 328000 or email

And to book a clean or see how we could help your business stay in tip-top condition, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business or get in touch with the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester team by calling 0161 905 3000 today.

Best practices to keep your operating room safe and sterile.

At any medical facility, patient safety is a top priority. So, operating rooms must be kept sterile to keep them safe throughout any procedure. While you’re undoubtedly aware of the importance of cleaning the operating room before and after every surgery, your cleaning checklist might overlook some areas that can harbour dirt, dust and pathogens.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we have over 60 years of experience as a leader in the cleaning industry, so we know the importance of proper and professional healthcare cleaning. We also know how difficult it can be to maintain this environment on top of everything else you have to do in any medical facility, especially amidst the ongoing stream of patients. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five common trouble spots that we’ve observed when cleaning operating rooms, that are important to keep in mind to help reduce the risk of infection.

  1. Behind Equipment and Furnishings

You probably wipe down used equipment and furnishings like tables, carts, and stools after surgery to rid them of germs. However, it’s also important to move these items so that you can clean underneath and behind them too. When cleaning your operating room, make sure you pull furniture and equipment away from the wall so that you can sweep and mop behind these items. Dust and debris also often collect in corners and underneath equipment, where they can harbour infectious agents. Take the time to thoroughly clean behind these items to eliminate build-up that would reduce the sterility of your operating environment.

  1. Floors

Surfaces like the operating table might seem like the most germ-prone spots in your operating room, but the floors aren’t far behind. Bodily fluids and other substances can land on the floor during surgery, requiring a prompt clean-up. There are approved methods and cleaning standards that any healthcare facility in the UK must follow, as set out by The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA). This includes cleaning bodily fluids or blood from the floor. At ServiceMaster Clean, we are constantly updating our policies, practices and standards in line with these standards. Through regular audits, we also make sure that the right channels stay open between our staff and clients so that the facilities under our care maintain the best standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

  1. Ceilings

It would be easy to assume the ceiling in your operating room is always going to stay untouched and spotless. However, ceilings can still harbour germs, dust and build-up. This accumulated debris can eventually fall, posing a serious health risk during a procedure. To mitigate this risk, you should ensure to regularly clean the ceiling (including lighting fixtures) in your operating room. The best way to do this is to use a microfibre cloth to easily wipe away any dust. You should also take the opportunity to inspect the ceiling area for any spots that require more intensive clean-up and disinfection.

  1. Cabinets

As a standard practice, you probably already wipe down the outside of the cabinets in your operating room. However, be sure not to overlook the interior, where germs can easily lurk until they are introduced into the room. (Think of how many hands reach into those cabinets during a given procedure!) Always wipe down the cabinet shelves, handles and contents to minimise the spread of harmful agents during and after an operation

  1. Biohazard Waste Bins

The biohazard waste bin in your operating room allows you to dispose of biohazard waste safely and properly. But even if your waste has been properly bagged and disposed of, the bin itself can be a hot spot for pathogens. Take the time to properly disinfect all biohazard containers and waste bins to ensure that any medical waste doesn’t spread infectious diseases around your healthcare facility.

As an industry-leading provider of patient-centred healthcare cleaning services, we know that a properly cleaned operating room is a safe operating room. By entrusting your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business with the cleaning of your medical facility, you’re given the peace of mind that every room in your facility, operating room included, is being kept at the highest possible standard of clean. And, you get the time back to focus on what matters, your patients!

Give us a call today on 0845 201 1184 for more information on our services and book a free, no-obligation quotation.

The best way to clean your warehouse

Our industry insider tips for keeping your warehouse clean and sanitary.

For those who manage a warehouse facility, it can be difficult to keep up with proper cleaning when there is so much to keep track of. However, there are myriad reasons why a clean warehouse should be your top priority. Not only will keeping a clean warehouse keep workers healthy and happy, but it also ensures the quality of your products is unaffected by potential contamination from harmful bacteria and germs – something to be particularly mindful of even now as new variants of COVID-19 are again seeing a rise in infections and deaths in the UK. If staying on top of warehouse sanitation is too much of a burden on you and your workers, regular visits from a commercial cleaning service like ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can help. To ensure that your warehouse facility is being properly cleaned on a routine basis, we’ve put together a Sanitation Checklist that can be used for daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and biannually warehouse upkeep.

Why is Warehouse Cleaning Essential?

While warehouses are often used to store items or products before they get shipped out, keeping them clean is critical. Proper cleaning will protect products from gathering dirt and dust, and the potential of bacteria, mould, and mildew growth in case of a leak. Routine cleaning keeps your products safe and protects your workers from bacteria, viruses, and other potential health hazards by ensuring that surfaces are properly disinfected using a hands-on application of disinfection products.

Irregular maintenance can also impact daily workflow, leaving you with less productive workers and a dirty facility. On the other hand, having a clean space to work helps boost productivity, keeps employees safe, and can lead to higher job satisfaction across the board. Make sure that your employees know how to efficiently clean their workspace. Alternatively, you could also call on the cleaning experts who can do the cleaning for you all while addressing your unique needs with the know-how needed for your specific industry.

Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Clean

  • Have a plan. Don’t let cleaning hinder the productivity of a warehouse and add it into the workflow instead. Cleaning without a plan will not address the unique cleaning needs of your warehouse and may give you a false sense of confidence that your property is clean. Knowing what areas to clean and how to do so is key.
  • Make sure cleaning supplies are always stocked. Even if you outsource the deep cleaning to the professionals, cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, etc, should always be available. This will be helpful to clean up manageable messes as they happen.
  • Have your employees be responsible for their “areas.” Assigning areas for employees to clean can help everyone stay accountable. Give them a list to check off their cleaning tasks, along with a spot to initial and date/time. For example, if your employee uses two types of heavy equipment throughout the day, have them be responsible for cleaning the machines.
  • Ensure employees know when they should report issues. All warehouse workers should know when and whom to go to when there are spills, hazards, and other conditions that need to be reported immediately. If hazardous messes aren’t taken care of right away, they can cause potential health issues for workers, affect products and even cause a loss in revenue.

Our Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

So how should you clean your warehouse? Separating lists for different tasks will help to maintain a clean and safe environment. While you most likely take the rubbish out every day, you probably don’t rotate products and clean behind the shelves daily. Having separate lists for different tasks will help you stay organised.

A daily warehouse sanitation checklist could include:

  • Sweep and mop the warehouse floor.
  • Take out the bins and recycle waste in toilets and washrooms, kitchens, and areas where products are unpackaged.
  • Clean employee toilets.
  • Wipe down all heavily trafficked areas like countertops, machinery, and doorknobs.
  • Wipe down all heavily used equipment, like forklifts.

Note: It’s also advisable to implement a “clean as you go” rule for warehouse workers to take care of new messes as they happen.

A monthly warehouse sanitation checklist could include:

  • Inspect floors throughout the warehouse.
  • Pull pallets and rotate products on shelves.
  • Clean breakroom fridges and throw away expired or uneaten food.
  • Check for leaks, mould, and mildew.
  • Wipe down windows and dust/clean blinds.
  • Clean under units and shelving.
  • Power wash walkways, steps, and landing docs.

A manager or worker in a warehouse should be able to quickly create these checklists, and more tasks can be added as the routine cleaning process is implemented.

Need a hand cleaning your commercial property?

With all types of facilities struggling to find workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not find that there is enough time in the day (or in a month) to get through all the cleaning to uphold your safety and cleanliness standards. This is where a regular cleaning programme from the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can help. With over 60 years of cleaning experience in the UK for both Private and Public Sector clients, we are best placed to utilise our expertise and work with you to put in place the most suitable cleaning services for your premises.

If you feel you aren’t properly equipped to keep up with the regular cleaning at your facilities, consider outsourcing to commercial cleaning services that can keep everything up to standard. Find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to receive a free quote on our bespoke commercial cleaning services today.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

A cleaning company boss with clients all over the North East of England has won a major industry award.

Chris Blewitt, the owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East, impressed the judges to take the Great British Franchisee Award, placing him among the industry’s elite.

Chris’ Story

Starting with just an empty office and no staff – but following the proven business methods developed over years by ServiceMaster – Chris has turned his franchise into a thriving office and commercial cleaning business with a million-pound turnover and 124 employees.

Unusually in the world of franchising, Chris expanded his operation not by buying an additional franchise territory but by taking over another related business, that had plateaued.

Chris drew on his years of experience in running factories and supply chains and transformed the acquisition into a profitable part of his own franchised business.

“The business was nearly twice the size of mine but not very profitable, with a lot of low contract prices,” Chris recalls.

“It allowed me to operate not only in Durham and Teesside but right across the North East region.

“We have just had our record month, turning over £109,000, and we’re only a short way into our franchising journey!”


He’s distinguished himself as part of the ServiceMaster network, too, picking up the title of Rookie of the Year in 2019 and the Award of Excellence in 2021.

Chris said ‘’I am delighted to pick up this distinguished award on behalf of the team. Not only does this acknowledge excellence in our own industry but across all sectors of franchise business.

Our story, in just over 4 years, is a testament that, with a lot of hard work, franchising really does work and you can build a sizeable, professional service business’’.

Get in touch

To book a cleaning or see how ServiceMaster Contract Services could help your business stay in tip-top condition, get in touch with Chris and the rest of our team by calling 0191 250 511601642 433300 or 01207 297588 today.

Or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to learn more about our services in your area.

Cleaning student accommodation

How ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can help you clean up student accommodation.

There’s a lot to think about when leaving university. Students can be unsure of their next steps, where they’re going to live next, and whether they’ll secure a job after graduation. And without parents around to clean up after them, they can also create quite a mess. It’s no wonder then, that sometimes they are happy to cut their losses and leave their rented accommodation in a state. Research conducted by EstateAgentToday suggests that “students are twice as likely as other tenants to have part of their deposit retained, with 22%, or one in five, not receiving the full amount when they leave their accommodation.”

Unfortunately, this leaves any mess they leave behind in the hands of you, the letting agent. And with other things to attend to, we know your time is better spent than cleaning up after students. Thankfully, with a deep clean from ServiceMaster Clean, you don’t have to.

With over 60 years as a leading brand in the commercial cleaning industry, we are trusted by a highly varied range of clients across the nation who trust our bespoke and professional contract cleaning service. This experience uniquely places us to work closely in partnership with housing associations and letting agents throughout the United Kingdom. By consulting with your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business, you can receive a tailored plan to suit you, whether with our deep clean and sanitation service after tenants have moved on or a regular clean of communal areas like washrooms and kitchens throughout the academic year.

By staying up to date on the newest technology like SaniMaster 6, which is regularly used in hospitals, food preparation areas, and schools as an excellent sanitisation and decontamination product. Our expert teams of technicians are continuously trained to meet any changing hygiene standards and have been working hard to keep all of our clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic ensuring they, and all of our equipment meet the Emerging Pathogen Standard. So, whether it’s COVID-19 or ‘Fresher’s Flu’, the risk of infection is greatly reduced for your tenants.


If you are a student or non-student accommodation letting agent in need of a contract cleaning provider, find your local ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to book a consultation with one of our teams today.


Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

Why use a contract cleaner for your medical services site?

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning. And whilst the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, having the proper practices in place for cleaning and sterilisation of medical facilities is a must all year round.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we know how critical it is to maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment for both patients and staff. That’s why we take a thorough approach to delivering the highest standards of cleaning every time we enter a healthcare facility. We have the proper tools and expertise to provide consistent results that address your specific needs from dental practices to medical and healthcare centres and GP practices.

Regular cleaning and sanitisation from a professional contract cleaning service can help:

  • Prevent infection
  • Increase patient satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Manage costs
  • Meet sanitation standards set out by the NPSA – These mandate the benchmark that all healthcare facilities in the UK must meet. Failure to do so may result in penalties like fines, or even closure, and means you can be legally liable for health issues in staff and patients as a result of an unclean setting.

So, before hiring a commercial cleaning provider for your facility, make sure its procedures are based on the above regulatory requirements to provide adequate, patient-centred cleaning.

How ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can help

Following best practices and procedures provided by leading organisations in the industry like the NPSA, our cleaning and disinfecting standards have been developed to keep your environment healthy. By allowing us the opportunity to focus on your daily cleaning and disinfecting needs, you can focus on what matters most: caring for your patients. And with 60 years of cleaning experience in the UK, we have cultivated secure systems of work in cleaning and sanitation to help you ensure your patient’s experience is the right one.

Our regular cleaning services for healthcare facilities come with all the benefits of:

  • Defined Cleaning Specification
  • Monthly Cleaning Audit & Scoring
  • Proven Cleaning Methods
  • Healthcare (CQC where appropriate) Compliant Colour Coding
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreements
  • Uniformed Staff
  • Flexible Hours – so you can schedule cleans to best suit your practice
  • Regular Review Meetings – allowing you to customise your cleaning experience based on your current needs

The comprehensive and bespoke services offered by ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services are designed to cover every area of your facility to make sure that wherever they may be, your patients and staff receive are working or being cared for in a clean and healthy environment. Whether this means ensuring patients can enjoy a clean and healthy waiting room or down to the more minute cleaning processes like the sanitisation of high touch point equipment and surfaces, we provide the people, expertise and equipment to make sure you start each day with a clean slate… and everything else.

To give your medical facility the best care from regular cleaning and sterilisation services, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today.


Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester is celebrating 30 years of top-quality commercial contract cleaning services.

30 years ago, Martin and Sarah Steinman purchased the ServiceMaster Contract Services franchise to provide cleaning services in the city centre and south areas of Manchester.

The ServiceMaster brand was already recognised and highly respected as a leading provider of cleaning related services throughout the USA. The brand has also now become well-established in the UK, which the Manchester team say has supported them and given them the confidence to succeed.

The company has, as a result, seen a lot of change in its three decades of business. When the Manchester business began in 1992 there was no minimum wage, no 28 days holiday entitlement nor was there a requirement for ISO accreditations. But right from the start, the company successfully grew, and rapidly won on four occasions the coveted “Award of Excellence” as the top ServiceMaster franchisee within the ServiceMaster brand in the UK. Additionally, the owners were quickly awarded the Franchisee of the Year Award by the Daily Express and HSBC bank.

In 2006 the company purchased the business license to operate in North Manchester which then enabled the company to concentrate and successfully provide services throughout the Greater Manchester area. ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services strives to provide a high quality of service. The professional and high-quality working standards, customer service and commitment to Manchester’s staff have been in place since the company began, have never wavered. Even in difficult periods like the financial recession in 2008, and more recently, throughout the COVID19 pandemic – ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester’s staff and customers can always be assured of their support, no matter what.

The company has successfully grown over the years, has ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditations. ServiceMaster Manchester has BICS certification, Safe Contractor and are proud supporters of the Real Living Wage.

Above all the success of ServiceMaster Manchester, what is outstanding has been the development of its people. The business remains a family concern run daily by CJ Commercial Director and Jason Hanrahan Operations Director. The whole team have a wealth of experience in sales, operations, admin, finance and HR. Not forgetting the many cleaning operatives who have supported ServiceMaster, many of which have over 10 years of service with the company.  Despite the importance of the cleaning industry becoming more widely acknowledged following the COVID19 pandemic, for such a feat to be achieved within the cleaning industry for as long as 3 decades is exceptional.


And the Contract Services Manchester client base speaks for itself. ServiceMaster Manchester provides and delivers cleaning services to over 200 sites throughout Manchester – including multiple well-known commercial businesses and schools..

CJ and the team at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester say they “look to the future with excitement, we have the experience, we have the knowledge, we have the success, and in 2022 we have the opportunity. We look forward to the future and we enjoy the present – what a great position to be in!”

If you are looking for professional and regular commercial cleaning experience from an established and experienced industry professional, get in touch with ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester today.

With February Half-Term approaching, now is the perfect time to schedule a half term school clean of your premises with ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services.

As you prepare for a well-earned break, now is the time to book in a deep clean and sanitation of your school’s facilities with us. With infection control and proper sanitation now more important in schools than ever, utilising February half-term holiday to ensure that your school is a safe place for your students to return to is a no-brainer.

Our deep cleaning and sanitisation services will keep your premises looking shiny, new, and hygienic. Thus minimising the risk of your students returning to a space that puts them at risk of infection. At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we understand that keeping your students safe is your top priority, and in selecting us as your nursery, school or college cleaning service provider you are selecting a company with a tried and tested process.  

For years, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services has provided education cleaning services to educational environments that cater for pupils of all age groups and circumstances, including establishments that provide learning environments for pupils with special needsand facilities of worldwide recognition. Regardless of your establishment and situation, we will take care of it.

You can also rest assured of our safe and professional working practice. Our school cleaners are specialists in infection control. Through experience and training, we can improve hygiene levels in schools, reducing sickness and absence. We also employ a higher ratio of Managers and Supervisors compared to the industry norm, to ensure our services are maintained at a consistent level of excellence. Due to the nature of our contract services, we will also work closely with you to ensure the standards and expectations you have for your premises are met and exceeded, professionally and pain-free.

No matter the nature of your educational facilities, act now to book in a professional deep clean from experts trusted by businesses and professional premises nationwide. To learn more about our services, and how we are working to ensure safety and quality service during the COVID19 pandemic, click here. Or, you can find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business and schedule your half term school clean and sanitisation today.