Cleaning student accommodation

Cleaning student accommodation

How ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can help you clean up student accommodation.

There’s a lot to think about when leaving university. Students can be unsure of their next steps, where they’re going to live next, and whether they’ll secure a job after graduation. And without parents around to clean up after them, they can also create quite a mess. It’s no wonder then, that sometimes they are happy to cut their losses and leave their rented accommodation in a state. Research conducted by EstateAgentToday suggests that “students are twice as likely as other tenants to have part of their deposit retained, with 22%, or one in five, not receiving the full amount when they leave their accommodation.”

Unfortunately, this leaves any mess they leave behind in the hands of you, the letting agent. And with other things to attend to, we know your time is better spent than cleaning up after students. Thankfully, with a deep clean from ServiceMaster Clean, you don’t have to.

With over 60 years as a leading brand in the commercial cleaning industry, we are trusted by a highly varied range of clients across the nation who trust our bespoke and professional contract cleaning service. This experience uniquely places us to work closely in partnership with housing associations and letting agents throughout the United Kingdom. By consulting with your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business, you can receive a tailored plan to suit you, whether with our deep clean and sanitation service after tenants have moved on or a regular clean of communal areas like washrooms and kitchens throughout the academic year.

By staying up to date on the newest technology like SaniMaster 6, which is regularly used in hospitals, food preparation areas, and schools as an excellent sanitisation and decontamination product. Our expert teams of technicians are continuously trained to meet any changing hygiene standards and have been working hard to keep all of our clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic ensuring they, and all of our equipment meet the Emerging Pathogen Standard. So, whether it’s COVID-19 or ‘Fresher’s Flu’, the risk of infection is greatly reduced for your tenants.


If you are a student or non-student accommodation letting agent in need of a contract cleaning provider, find your local ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to book a consultation with one of our teams today.


Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer