How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Combat COVID-19

How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Combat COVID-19

Maintaining a clean work environment has always been important, but with the global COVID-19 pandemic, regular cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene have become more important than ever.

Trying to run a business right now is more challenging than ever. How do you keep people safe, while still doing the volume of business you need to keep the doors open? How do you protect your employees?

There are several important steps to take, from supplying protective gear to enforcing the guidelines laid out by the government and local health authorities. Keeping a clean place of business is one of the most crucial parts of protecting you, your workers, and your customers.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting are key in preventing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. And the safest, most thorough, most reliable way to keep your workplace clean is by enlisting the help of commercial cleaning professionals. Commercial cleaners offer the best protection possible to your business. They bring top-notch experience in fighting new viral threats.  With regular cleaning provided you can focus on your core business while knowing that your employees and customers are safe.

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Understanding what this virus does, how it’s transmitted, and how to take preventive measures against it are all part of the solution. With so much new information coming in all the time—and a lot of confusion about certain facts—knowing more about the new coronavirus can be an incredible help.

COVID-19 stands for Coronavirus Disease, 2019. The specific coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is called SARS-CoV-2, you may hear people use all three of these terms.

There are at least seven different coronaviruses that can affect humans. Several of them are very serious, causing conditions like SARS or MERS.

Common COVID-19 Symptoms

The new coronavirus primarily affects the respiratory system, causing coughing and shortness of breath. You may also experience fever, muscle pain, or a loss of taste or smell – NHS COVID-19 Symptoms.

Despite this wide range of symptoms, some people may not experience any symptoms at all, part of what makes this virus so dangerous is that people can have it without knowing. If someone with no symptoms—an “asymptomatic carrier”—goes out in public without a mask on, that person can spread the virus to others without realising it.

As someone responsible for a premises where people gather, helping prevent that spread is on you. You’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that an outbreak doesn’t occur at your place of business, including calling professionals to help disinfect all surfaces, so that this disease doesn’t transfer from an employee to employee, or employee to a customer, or vice-versa.

Preventing the Spread in Your Commercial Space

COVID-19 is highly virulent, and it may be transmittable in more ways than researchers originally thought, which means that fighting it is as tough as it is important. However, there are things that you can do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Comply with UK Government guidelines and local council guidelines about business closures. If you’re allowed to open your business but conflicted about whether it’s wise to do so, consult with your local health agencies about the potential risks involved
  • Ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) is available to your employees and maybe even your customers if needed
  • Consider requiring PPE for customers entering your store, in order to maintain as safe an environment as possible
  • Communicate expectations to employees on wearing protective gear, how to responsibly interact with customers, and on the importance of staying home if they have any of the above symptoms
  • Follow guidelines about cleaning and disinfecting procedures, clean often, and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched, even if everyone is wearing protective gear
  • Dispose of and replace disposable masks and gloves as appropriate. People, especially ones who aren’t used to wearing gloves, may touch their face with gloves on, at which point the gloves are potentially spreading a virus, rather than protecting against it
  • Be prepared to take action in the event of contamination. If someone who is suspected or confirmed to carry coronavirus after a test visits your business, be ready to cordon off the area and air it out, ideally for 24 hours, before thoroughly disinfecting it
  • Know and follow industry-specific guidelines. Check to see if the government or your industry’s governing body has issued guidance specific to your business, for instance, hospitals should promptly identify and isolate possible COVID-19 patients. Restaurants and bars may consider changing their layout so that parties of up to 6 are separated by at least six feet while waiting and dining

How Can Commercial Cleaning Help?

Commercial cleaning can help in the fight against viral infections by bringing the right tools and the right experience to your business.

  • Our commercial cleans occur at regular, scheduled intervals that you can depend on. This ongoing preventative measure can help reduce the risk of viral infections for the long haul
  • All of our cleaners are equipped with the right equipment needed for the job at hand. So, you don’t have to worry about whether your disinfectant is approved to fight COVID-19
  • Our cleaners are thorough and are trained to a high standard with cleaning high touch point areas on your premises
  • Our cleaners are trained in cleaning and disinfecting businesses of all kinds, from office buildings to hospitals,

Letting someone else handle your cleaning frees you up to focus on the reason you opened a business in the first place and do the work that you’re good at—the work that you like to do—and let other people use their expertise to handle the cleaning for you.

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