Deep clean and sanitisation of a factory

deep clean and sanitisation of a factory

Client Problem

A factory had a confirmed case of Covid-19 and had to close.

The area needed to be fully sanitised in order for the employees to enter the factory and production to continue.

How we helped

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance, our technicians were allocated the work. The technicians arrived on site and carried out the full deep clean, decontamination and wet fogging within 48 hours of the initial call.

All areas were thoroughly deep cleaned, all touch points sanitised using an EPA tested anti-viral cleaner. Finally, wet fogging with hospital grade disinfectant was carried out in of all areas to ensure any airborne particles disturbed from the cleaning process were neutralised.

After the wet fogging process, random areas were swab tested to ensure of cleanliness. Green = Clean!

The benefit

The factory was cleaned overnight so that it could reopen safely to employees the following morning without too much disruption.

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