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3 reasons why professional healthcare cleaning is important

3 reasons why professional healthcare cleaning is important

The value of using a professional cleaning service in a healthcare setting. 

Cleanliness is essential for every healthcare setting.

After all, they are tasked with protecting the health of millions of people every day.

Part of maintaining patient well-being is protecting them from bacteria that may be present in a medical treatment facility.

Therefore, regular cleaning is vital to most businesses.

However, it is essential for any healthcare setting, whether a small medical centre or a large hospital.

Working with professional janitorial providers, especially one focused on meeting environmental cleaning standards, can benefit employees and patients alike.

Our patient-centred healthcare cleaning programs are designed to help your business achieve three critical goals.

1. Meeting environmental cleaning standards

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) and Care Quality Commission mandate that healthcare settings in the UK follow specific healthcare cleaning standards.

Healthcare businesses that fail to comply may be subject to fines and even closure.

Facilities not prioritising compliance may become liable should patients or employees suffer serious health issues because of an unclean setting.

Before hiring a commercial cleaner for your facility, ensure its procedures are based on regulatory requirements to provide adequate, patient-centred cleaning to help you pass your next CQC audit.

2. Maintaining a professional appearance

A messy and unsanitary healthcare business is unlikely to be profitable.

Patients will not want to return to medical settings that are not professionally maintained.

As such, healthcare businesses should keep the medical side of their offices disinfected and thoroughly clean the public areas.

Mess like:

  • Dirty seat cushions in the waiting room
  • Filled waste cans
  • Visible dirt or grime on floors and furnishings

Suggests that the facility does not take the responsibility of maintaining a safe, healthy environment seriously.

To maintain a professional medical setting, routine cleaning is essential.

Whether a busy outpatient facility or a small practice, professional environmental cleaning services ensure your patients’ expectations are always met or exceeded.

3. Keeping staff and employees safe

Healthcare facilities depend on skilled employees with extensive training and qualifications.

The high cost of malpractice claims means these professionals are unlikely to use a healthcare business that doesn’t meet environmental cleaning standards.

Strict cleaning standards can also help improve the work environment and increase worker productivity and satisfaction.

Healthcare workers come into contact with countless germs.

That’s where professional healthcare cleaning services help protect staff and patients from infections.

When choosing a cleaning service, select a provider committed to meeting the standards and expectations for healthcare environments.

Need a new cleaner?

With over 60+ years of experience as a world leader in healthcare cleaning, ServiceMaster Clean routinely update our practices to follow relevant laws and standards recommended by industry regulators.

To see how we could help you keep your staff and patients safe, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today for a free quote and learn more about our services.