5 Premises you can’t clean without help from a professional cleaning company

why you need a cleaning company

There is one thing that after a long work day you don’t want to end up doing, and that is cleaning your whole office from top to bottom, including those plates and cups, which those certain individuals leave in the sink or on the side.

Here at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services we take our cleaning seriously and have over 55 years’ experience in the commercial cleaning industry. Take our environmentally friendly Capture and Removal Cleaning System for example. We are passionate about bringing you the most environmentally friendly cleaning that we can to keep your office up to health and safety standards.


Large Office Cleaning

Do you have a cleaning schedule for your work employees to stick to? Does it work? There is always that one person who won’t do their best and just wipe down the sides with a bit of kitchen roll and pretend it’s completed properly. Well, having a professional cleaning service can have your office spick and span every single morning you come to work. This will also give your employees more time to get on with their work and also get back home to their families at the end of the day.

One other bonus to having a professional cleaning service like ServiceMaster is that if the office is kept clean of harmful bacteria, this will decrease the amount of staff sickness and absenteeism, therefore, saving your company money and increasing employee productivity.

Educational Cleaning

With infection control measures a top priority for schools and colleges around the country, the quality of cleaning needs to be completed at a high standard. This is where here at ServiceMaster, we are industry experts and can provide your educational premises.

We ensure your school meets health and safety standards, to help keep your school free from germs and sickness as much as possible. We will also ensure all of our cleaners and supervisor that attend site are fully DBS checked.

Specialist Medical Business Cleaning

If your business is in the medical sector, you will already understand that cleanliness of your premises is of the utmost importance. Our highly trained team of professionals will always keep to health and safety regulations, along with being trained to meet the National Specification for Cleanliness for NHS Medical and Dental Practices.

Our trained professionals will know exactly how to prevent cross contamination and eliminate all harmful bacteria within your business premises. A professional cleaning service will give you the time to carry on with important day to day activities and ensure your premises are as clean as can be and you can meet CQC cleaning requirements.

Showroom Cleaning

At ServiceMaster we understand that first impressions count. Visitors to your showroom expect the environment to be clean, tidy and spotless. The environment in which you showcase your goods should reflect the prestige and care to attention that your customers deserve.

With the full range of contract cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Southampton, we can help enhance your professional image while providing a clean, safe working environment.

Emergency Reactive Cleaning

With mother nature and on premises maintenance problems, disasters like flooding or fire damage can quickly get out of hand. As a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Client, you can sign up to our Restoration Response and Emergency Reactive Cleaning Services for a discounted rate.

As a Restoration Response member you can ensure your premises is cleaned efficiently after a disaster or act of vandalism and a cleaning team will be on site within 2-4 hours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can work with you directly or through an insurance provider depending on the nature and value of the work. Our aim is to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Restoration Response is powered by ServiceMaster Clean.

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