How we supported our clients throughout 2021

How we supported our clients throughout 2021

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services have seen great success during the last year – particularly in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is How we supported our clients throughout 2021.

The last year has been difficult for people and businesses across the globe, but ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services has proven repeatedly our resolve and ability to persevere through the challenges of the last year. For ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, 2020 and 2021 were actually two years of multiple success stories, primarily through our notable ability to adapt and offer quality support to our customers during the pandemic.

Many of our Contract Services clients needed to close for periods of the pandemic, whilst others had to reduce services significantly due to a dwindling workforce. But for many people and businesses, cleaning has never before been so high on the list of priorities in the way it became during the pandemic. Though it may well have been an undervalued sector prior to COVID-19, people are now paying much more attention to keeping premises clean and maintaining good hygiene. ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services has risen to the challenges brought by the changing requirements and demand exceptionally well.

The healthcare sector has been heavily impacted by COVID-19, and as such, had a greater reliance of getting the highest of cleaning standards. ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services were already highly experienced in managing CQC cleaning for healthcare sector clients and this experience was put to good use by many of our excellent franchisees. As many healthcare clients such as healthcare centres and surgeries remained open throughout lockdowns, ServiceMaster Clean made use of our existing knowledge and the deep cleaning practices that were already in place prior to COVID-19.

We were also able to remain flexible and was able to adapt to whatever (sometimes daily) challenges arose due to the often frequent changes in government guidelines. To keep up with regular procedural changes, utilising our effective communication skills were imperative. This primarily included liaising with clients, other organisations like Public Health England, infection control specialists at each surgery, and local NHS contacts to ensure the guidelines were met and the client’s premises were cleaned to the required standards. Over the course of the pandemic, requirements changed and following exceptionally good feedback from existing clients, we because a first choice for vaccination centres as they opened. The first was a South London GP Trust who were in the process of setting up a vaccination centre and had been impressed ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services. The first meeting for this vaccination centre was in the run up to Christmas 2020, this was quickly followed by a call from Alliance for Better Care, to provide cleaning services for one vaccination centre initially, then a further two. A Vaccine Centre Coordinator who worked closely with us said, “I would definitely recommend ServiceMaster, they have been helpful, prompt, reliable, and provided a high level of cleaning, we have come to rely on them and are forever grateful they have accommodated all our needs even with the constant changes of the vaccination programme. They are a pleasure to work with.” 

As well as an excellent couple of years, we anticipate a successful 2022 and a further increase in demand for professional commercial cleaning as restrictions ease. Although this is a little difficult to predict, the measures put in place in providing regular service, and the relationships that our operations teams have with their clients, will allow ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services to continue to adapt quickly to any changes or additional requirements from both our new and existing clients.

On top of the adaption to services, consistent service level provision and meeting customer service requirements, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services have also had several of our most successful franchises purchase new territories so that they can expand their client bases further. All in all, the future is also looking squeaky clean for ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services.