ServiceMaster Clean Warwick: Spreading Easter Cheer

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick has found a way of spreading some Easter spirit.

With Easter on the horizon, last year’s ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Rookies of the Year, Michal Kawerski and Dariusz Kowalik, are spreading cheer to their clients in Warwick.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick delivers bespoke and professional cleaning services to commercial clients, including offices, medical facilities, car showrooms, and housing associations.

One of these clients, Eco Work-Shop, is a non-profit company that seeks to improve the lives and daily well-being of learning-disabled and/or autistic adults and their adult lives once they leave formal education.

By building on the skills gained from education, Work-Shop supports individuals through activities tailored to their level, gently and steadily supporting the increase in skills required to complete each task so that they may become fulfilled from personal achievement and included in the adult world.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick has worked with the Work-Shop to create handmade cards, which will be delivered to their clients to wish them a happy Easter.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we believe in cultivating lasting relationships with our clients and that a little cheer can go a long way.

By working closely with our clients, we assess the specific needs of their premises and build long-lasting relationships built on quality and bespoke service.

Michal and Dariusz in Warwick here exemplify our ethos of going “Above and Beyond” as they have created a relationship that goes both ways with their customer and have extended the positives of that relationship to their other clients.

Need contract cleaning this Easter?

Whether you’re a school, broken up for the holidays, or a medical facility that needs regular cleaning to maintain hygiene standards, if your facility requires specialist cleaning this Easter, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today to receive a customised and expert cleaning service.

With over 60 years of expertise within the cleaning sector, our businesses nationwide are best placed with the knowledge and equipment to deliver the best standard of cleaning every time.

Or, if you’re in Warwick and the surrounding areas and would benefit from a regular and personalised service from Michal and Dariusz, contact ServiceMaster Clean Warwick today on 01926 353095.