Back to the workplace, happy or nervous?

Back to the workplace, happy or nervous?

Like a lot of people, I have spent much of lockdown working from home. I know that isn’t the case for everyone, it very much depends on the type of business and the job you do but, for a lot of people, the inside of the office is a bit of a distant memory.

Yesterday, I went in to the office for the first time in a couple of weeks and actually needed to spend some time working with other people. As much as I enjoy working from home (and I am lucky enough to have a home office), there are some significant benefits to being able to work ‘together’ at times.

For quite a lot of people going back and spending time around work colleagues will come as a much needed relief, others are going to be nervous.

With a new health secretary and more talk of restrictions coming to an end, those business that have kept their doors closed or on-site staff to a minimum, things look likely to change over the next few months. At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have certainly seen an increase in enquiries from offices that are planning their re-opening.

At the end of the day, if you have been open throughout or have been mostly closed, as more people come back to the office, keeping a clean and hygienic environment is going to be vital for reassured, happy, safe staff, reducing absences and keeping the doors open.

Getting the right cleaning schedule

Getting the right cleaning schedule in place is so important. Think about what you need. How many people are using a door, an intercom, a toilet? Daily cleaning was often a low priority for a lot of business, the bare essentials might have been considered but a place of work is very different to a place of residence. If 50 people are using the facilities every day, your cleaning needs should be very different to somewhere that has just 5 people. 50 people touch more and leave more ‘stuff’ than 5, you will need more regular cleaning.

Don’t focus solely on price

We understand that outgoing expenses are important to any business. Keeping overheads down makes you more profitable but you must consider the true cost of poor cleaning services. Having staff absent due ill health, using staff resources to manage a cleaning service or sort complaints takes valuable time out of the working day. Making up for gaps all has hidden costs.

Don’t forget the extra bits

Make life easy for yourself, you’ve probably got enough to do, other than worrying about cleaning. Did you know that a good commercial cleaning company should also be able to supply cleaning products, feminine hygiene bins, clean windows and more? Speak to your current provider and find out what else they can do you for. It saves you a job, frees up your time and there is a good chance they can save you some money too as they will likely be purchasing in larger quantities than you would if ordering directly.

What about the COVID extras

When it comes to COVID-19, it’s important to remember, we may be easing our restrictions and more adults have been vaccinated but it hasn’t gone away. It is just as important as ever to maintain high cleaning standards which continue into the future. Keep high touchpoints clean, stay on top of deep cleaning and sanitisation procedures when needed, ensure you have plenty of hand washing products available and encourage good use of them.

Always ask

If you are not sure you have the right cleaning schedule in place or the right procedures, speak to your commercial cleaning provider, they can share best practice, suggestions or even what other similar companies have in place.

If you aren’t sure you are getting the right service or help, it’s time to ask another cleaning company, one which is focussed on providing the right service.

Provide reassurance

Having the right cleaning schedule and company in place will help not only keep your staff healthy and safe, it will also give them much needed reassurance.

Enforce sound procedures, made known to all of your staff and visitors, this will help keep everyone as safe as can be.

If you need help with creating a suitable cleaning schedule, get in touch and see how we can help. ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services are already helping businesses, Healthcare providers, schools, nurseries and more across the UK. With over 60 years of experience providing cleaning services in the UK, you know you are  in safe hands. We can help with your daily cleaning, high touch point cleaning, sanitisation and provide cleaning products and consumables. We’re here to focus on your cleaning so, you can focus on your business. Get in touch with your local ServiceMaster Clean.

A clean safe environment will ensure that it’s a happy not nervous back to work for you and you team.