Deep clean and sanitisation following sewage leak

deep clean and sanitisation following sewage leak

Client Problem

A retail premises had reported a backed up soil pipe which resulted in raw sewage making its way on to the shop floor. This immediately meant that there would be significant business interruption.

How we helped

The incident happened during the day and had become a business critical peril, therefore we need to act promptly and precisely in order to get the job done.

Our technicians arrived to the site within 48 hours and worked overnight. All standing sewage water and solids were extracted using a wet vac. We then treated areas with an anti-microbial and disinfectant ensuring all the areas were sanitized thoroughly, then the floor was damp mopped.

We also used a nice smelling deodoriser a finishing touch to the clean to combat any lingering odours. To assure the client the areas was successfully disinfected, we swab tested the affected areas upon completion of cleaning. Green = Clean!

The benefit

The technicians worked overnight to ensure the clean-up was completed efficiently, and more importantly so the premises could re-open in the morning.

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