ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland has raised over £700 for Macmillan Cancer Support through a very successful coffee morning. 

Macmillan Cancer Support’s coffee mornings are the staple of their fundraising.

First started in 1990, the idea was simple: get people together over a coffee and donate the cost of their beverage to Macmillan.

But it was a hit and became an annual event. To date, coffee mornings have raised over £310 million for Macmillan!

Macmillan Coffee Morning by Deeland

This year, the official coffee morning date was late September, but people can choose any date they wish to participate.

So, there is plenty of the year left to host your own!

ServiceMaster Clean Deeland recently hosted their coffee morning and raised over £700!

This has contributed to this year’s coffee morning national total of £6,166,878, which can fund 98 Macmillan nurses and the work they do for a whole year!

Business Services Director Jane Paisley says:

“We are delighted to have raised over £700 for Macmillan Cancer Support.  A big thank you to everyone who baked, ate, raffled and donated to help achieve this!”

Learn the value of a cleaner that cares

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ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Surrey, West Sussex & Croydon have long been prominent for providing exceptional cleaning services within the healthcare sector but Covid-19 brought with it new challenges. Rob Nicholson Managing Director explains how they made the most of their existing knowledge and how they implemented changes to work within the Healthcare sector.

As a commercial cleaning provider, they were already highly experienced in managing CQC cleaning for their healthcare sector clients. Deep cleaning and infection control procedures were already in place and as COVID became more of an issue, the priority was to contact the infection control liaison at each surgery. This ensured we could fully understand what each surgery required.

As everyone is well aware, advice and guidelines were constantly changing, but also the roles of each surgery changed. Some practices were open as usual, some had parts that were shut down. We had constant discussions with each surgery to ensure we were always up to date with what they needed and could meet their evolving requirements.

At the very start of COVID, one of our surgeries had a confirmed case of COVID, we worked closely with the surgery and we were in contact with Public Health England to ensure all correct procedures were followed and the surgery could re-open safely and as quickly as possible. We already had significant experience of providing deep cleans but working so closely with the surgery and Public Health England gave huge reassurance that our procedures were right and we were ready in case of any other requirements for decontamination cleaning in the future.

A lot of what helped us provide the effective and reliable service for our healthcare clients was very good communication, our teams were speaking to infection control specialists at each surgery. We gathered information from 20-30 different colleagues so we could be reactive to surgery needs and proactive wherever possible.

Several practices opened stand-alone hot hubs, for example in local leisure centres, these needed decontamination cleaning Monday to Friday, we used our knowledge from working so closely with our surgeries to ensure the required cleaning was provided each day.

We subsequently worked with Branch surgeries and a local PCT’s (Patient Care Trust) as more locations were turned in to hot hubs. We worked with the local NHS contact that was responsible for their cluster so we could liaise with them fully.

Feedback from all of our clients was exceptionally good and this lead on to cleaning vaccination centres as they opened in our area. The first was one of our South London Clients (a GP Trust), as they set up a vaccination centre and had been impressed by our service, they called us straight away. The first meeting for this vaccination centre was in the run up to Christmas 2020, this was quickly followed by a call from Alliance for Better Care, to provide cleaning services for initially one vaccination centre, then growing to three.

I would definitely recommend ServiceMaster, they have been helpful, prompt, reliable and provided a high level of cleaning, we have come to rely on them and are forever grateful they have accommodated all our needs even with the constant changes of the vaccination programme. They are a pleasure to work with.  

LD – Vaccine Centre Coordinator

Working with our Healthcare clients throughout COVID has certainly had its challenges, but thanks to the fantastic procedures we already had in place, the close working relationship with our clients and the hard work put in by our teams, we are proud of the excellent relationships we have built with our clients and the high level of service we have been able to provide for them.

We know we can continue to build on the expertise for our healthcare clients and also transfer that knowledge to the schools and nurseries we work with, so they can also reap the benefits.

If you are not totally happy with your current cleaning provider and would benefit from the expertise ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services West Sussex, Surrey & Croydon can provide, call today on 01293 852835 or ask for a call back here.

Finding a part-time cleaner might not be something you thought would be too difficult, but with the widely publicised labour shortage across the UK, it seems that filling that part-time vacancy has become much harder of late.

According to many news outlets, the labour shortage has been fuelled by an exodus of foreign workers due to Brexit and Covid. Cleaning services have historically been heavily staffed by foreign workers and cleaning vacancies have become much harder to fill in light of this.

Across the network, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services have seen a noticeable increase in enquiries from smaller companies, to help with their cleaning provision. It was once common for smaller businesses to hire cleaning staff in-house or request for existing employees to clean during or after normal duties. This seems to be at a much lower level than in previous years.

One of the main reasons for smaller businesses now outsourcing their cleaning, is difficulty in filling a vacancy for just a couple of hours a week or night. Secondly, there is the increased recognition that professional cleaning is more important than previously acknowledged.

With Covid-19 still of high concern for business owners, customers, patients, students and patrons, a good and professional cleaning protocol is of much higher priority than before.

Outsourcing to a professional cleaning company is a simple and obvious solution. For anyone looking to ensure high cleaning standards are maintained, finding a reliable and reputable commercial cleaning company ensures that the right cleaning procedures are in place.

Outsourcing to a professional commercial cleaning company also means takes the hassle out of recruiting a cleaner for just one or two hours a week. Finding that person / people will be managed by the company you have outsourced to. They are experienced in filling these vacancies and can have staff covering multiple sites, therefore offer cleaning operatives more hours over all. Put simply offering more hours, makes the role easier to fill.

Outsourcing also enables, business owners, bursars and practice managers etc. to spend more of their time focussing on what’s important to them, while the cleaning company focus can focus on what they do best, making sure the premises are clean but importantly, hygienic too.

If you are struggling to find a cleaner for your commercial premises or need the reassurance that a professional commercial cleaning company provides, get in touch with your local ServiceMaster Clean today and let us solve your cleaning problems.

With blossom on the trees and the first flowers in bloom, spring is truly a season for renewal. As the weather warms, there’s no better time for facility managers to freshen up their buildings with a few fixes and improvements. Prepare your facility with these simple spring cleaning tips for facility managers.

Take A Good Look Around

Before the cleaning begins, pinpoint your facility’s biggest problem areas. Remember, small problems can quickly become big, expensive issues if they’re not addressed immediately. Be thorough in your examination and ask the janitorial team to take a tour of the facilities with you. Trusted experts are excellent at pointing out problems you might not have noticed otherwise.

There are several areas of a facility that are prime candidates for wear and tear. Cold temperatures, excess moisture, and salt tracked inside from the street can damage many different surfaces and materials. Pay special attention to the following trouble spots:

  • Ceilings
  • Corner guards
  • Doors and cabinets
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flooring tiles
  • Light switches
  • Storage shelves
  • Tiles and grout

Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Did you know that having a clean workplace can actually help increase productivity and boost morale? Take the time to spruce up your space, and welcome everyone into a sparkling office this spring. Use these three simple spring cleaning tips to cover the most important areas:

Deep clean the problem spots

With lockdown starting to ease and people getting back to work, the increased footfall is going to have a toll on flooring, it’s vital to shampoo carpets and properly clean hardwood, tile, and concrete floors before their return and on at least an annual basis.

Working with a professional janitorial team can often be the most convenient and efficient method of deep cleaning a commercial property’s floors and carpets. Winter boots bring the season’s road salt, dirt, and snow into all these spaces and can cause damage to surfaces and fixtures, and professionals can often help you identify areas in need of additional care or repair, as well.

Improve your facilities exterior

Put your best foot forward by freshening up your building’s exterior this spring. During winter, wood and cement work are particularly vulnerable to damage, especially around main entrances and other areas with heavy foot traffic. Beyond structural repairs, sweeping or spraying down exterior walkways, washing windows, and other basic commercial building maintenance can go a long way toward improving the impression your business makes on the outside world. Don’t forget to clean off and inspect your roof for damage, as well.

Test the air conditioning system

While spring may seem too early to turn on the air, we recommend testing these systems well in advance of when you need them. Once the summer’s heatwaves arrive, a faulty A/C unit is the last thing your business needs. Since these cooling systems often go unused all winter, they are susceptible to dust and dirt buildup, which could lead to lower efficiency, unpleasant smells, increased allergens, and even unit failure.

Need help implementing these tips? Contact the experts at ServiceMaster Clean to help you deep clean your facilities on a schedule and budget that works for you. Ready to handle even the toughest grime, we can polish and repair every inch of your building. Dirty carpets, cracked grout, and streaked windows are no match for our team members, because we’re never satisfied until you are. Contact us now to learn more.

A regular schedule of cleaning and disinfection is crucial for protecting employees, customers, patients, and visitors. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the face of other dangerous pathogens, maintaining constant disinfection is more important than ever. Maintaining this disinfection in between major cleanings can help protect your business from potential outbreaks caused by these dangerous pathogens.

Benefits Of Regular Cleaning And Disinfection

A professional cleaning and disinfection treatment isn’t a one-time thing. It may be tempting to think of professional cleaning as a chance to “catch up” to a place where your own employees can take over. The truth is that you get the most mileage out of regular professional cleaning and disinfection long term.

  • You protect yourself from compliance issues. Professional cleaners stay up to date on the latest government guidelines, because it’s their job to do so. If you want to ensure compliance, hiring experts is the simplest way to do so.
  • You get a more thorough cleaning. Trained professionals know how to keep a work environment safe and know where viruses are likely to thrive. They know where to pay extra attention and know which cleaners are approved by the HSE to tackle which pathogens. They know how long to leave a disinfecting agent on a surface for complete disinfection.
  • You benefit from professional-grade equipment and training. To reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens and protect the health of others, cleaning professionals use HSE-approved disinfectants and the training that ensures appropriate, thorough disinfection for the business you own.
  • You can get long-term disinfectant protection between cleanings. SaniMaster disinfection services may include an antimicrobial barrier that lasts up to 90 days to help fight bacteria, mould, and fungi. This barrier provides extended surface disinfection protection as part of our preventive disinfection services to provide peace of mind for your business.

Routine professional cleaning and disinfection from trained, well-equipped experts can provide long-term cleanliness and peace of mind in any situation where you’re worried about infectious diseases taking root and spreading. It’s a great way to keep your facility functioning without breaking the bank on stockpiling cleaning equipment or educating staff in combating each of the unique pathogens that can spread in a healthcare environment.

The Importance Of Disinfecting Surfaces

Beyond just regular cleaning and disinfection, keeping certain high-touch and at-risk surfaces disinfected on an ongoing basis is key. Simple, quick wipe-downs with soap and/or with surface disinfectants can help you maintain a safe and healthy environment. In addition to protecting staff and patients, frequent disinfecting can:

  • Fight against antibiotic-resistant (AR) pathogens by taking regular action to completely wipe them out.
  • Help remove pathogens from surfaces that may come into contact with bodily fluids
  • Help combat long-lasting pathogens, including AR pathogens and HAIs that can linger on surfaces for days or even months.
  • Help kill and/or remove pathogens from surfaces that are often neglected in casual cleanings, such as floors and walls.
  • Allows onsite cleaning staff to focus on emergencies and simplifies the regular cleaning process, without having them shoulder the burden (timewise or materially) of disinfection for the entire facility.
  • Even “noncritical” surfaces that aren’t frequently touched can become a factor in the cross-transmission of diseases.

Disinfection Guidelines To Follow Between Cleanings

As important as it is to regularly clean and disinfect your place of work, there are also many steps between cleanings that you can take to make sure that you’re keeping your workplace as sanitary as possible.

  • Have employees wash their hands regularly, for the full recommended 20 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitiser before or after interacting with customers or clients, when handwashing is not immediately available. Hand sanitisers should be at least 60% alcohol.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect high-touch areas and items such as computers, phones, desktops, testing equipment, touchscreens, tables, and more.
  • Make sure that personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn properly. This includes wearing masks over both the nose and the mouth, as well as disposing of masks, gloves, and gowns properly as required.
  • Take advantage of a protective antimicrobial barrier that can help combat bacteria, fungi, and mould.
  • Be mindful of how often you replace your cleaning cloth, so that your disinfection attempts don’t become a vector for cross-contamination.

Rely On A Trusted Disinfection Company To Support Your Business’s Health

Having experts clean, disinfect, and protect your business from pathogens is the best way to ensure thorough, rigorous, regular protection. From training and education to target problem areas to the gear and cleaning agents necessary to tackle pathogens, ServiceMaster Clean couples short-term emergency disinfection with long-term preventive care.

Protecting your employees and clients from pathogens (and helping to protect your own reputation) can be as simple as calling the nearest ServiceMaster Clean location. Placing your trust in a cleaning and disinfection company lets you rest easy. You can be assured that your partner in cleaning has the knowledge and experience needed to help protect the health of your customers and employees. Learn more about our disinfection services and how our COVID-19 cleaning services can help your business be prepared to reopen.

Client Problem

A retail premises had reported a backed up soil pipe which resulted in raw sewage making its way on to the shop floor. This immediately meant that there would be significant business interruption.

How we helped

The incident happened during the day and had become a business critical peril, therefore we need to act promptly and precisely in order to get the job done.

Our technicians arrived to the site within 48 hours and worked overnight. All standing sewage water and solids were extracted using a wet vac. We then treated areas with an anti-microbial and disinfectant ensuring all the areas were sanitized thoroughly, then the floor was damp mopped.

We also used a nice smelling deodoriser a finishing touch to the clean to combat any lingering odours. To assure the client the areas was successfully disinfected, we swab tested the affected areas upon completion of cleaning. Green = Clean!

The benefit

The technicians worked overnight to ensure the clean-up was completed efficiently, and more importantly so the premises could re-open in the morning.

If you are not totally happy with your current cleaning provider, get in touch with ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Kent today to find out how they can help with your commercial cleaning requirements.