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How ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services West Sussex, Surrey & Croydon succeed in the healthcare sector

How ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Surrey, West Sussex & Croydon succeed in the healthcare sector

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Surrey, West Sussex & Croydon have long been prominent for providing exceptional cleaning services within the healthcare sector but Covid-19 brought with it new challenges. Rob Nicholson Managing Director explains how they made the most of their existing knowledge and how they implemented changes to work within the Healthcare sector.

As a commercial cleaning provider, they were already highly experienced in managing CQC cleaning for their healthcare sector clients. Deep cleaning and infection control procedures were already in place and as COVID became more of an issue, the priority was to contact the infection control liaison at each surgery. This ensured we could fully understand what each surgery required.

As everyone is well aware, advice and guidelines were constantly changing, but also the roles of each surgery changed. Some practices were open as usual, some had parts that were shut down. We had constant discussions with each surgery to ensure we were always up to date with what they needed and could meet their evolving requirements.

At the very start of COVID, one of our surgeries had a confirmed case of COVID, we worked closely with the surgery and we were in contact with Public Health England to ensure all correct procedures were followed and the surgery could re-open safely and as quickly as possible. We already had significant experience of providing deep cleans but working so closely with the surgery and Public Health England gave huge reassurance that our procedures were right and we were ready in case of any other requirements for decontamination cleaning in the future.

A lot of what helped us provide the effective and reliable service for our healthcare clients was very good communication, our teams were speaking to infection control specialists at each surgery. We gathered information from 20-30 different colleagues so we could be reactive to surgery needs and proactive wherever possible.

Several practices opened stand-alone hot hubs, for example in local leisure centres, these needed decontamination cleaning Monday to Friday, we used our knowledge from working so closely with our surgeries to ensure the required cleaning was provided each day.

We subsequently worked with Branch surgeries and a local PCT’s (Patient Care Trust) as more locations were turned in to hot hubs. We worked with the local NHS contact that was responsible for their cluster so we could liaise with them fully.

Feedback from all of our clients was exceptionally good and this lead on to cleaning vaccination centres as they opened in our area. The first was one of our South London Clients (a GP Trust), as they set up a vaccination centre and had been impressed by our service, they called us straight away. The first meeting for this vaccination centre was in the run up to Christmas 2020, this was quickly followed by a call from Alliance for Better Care, to provide cleaning services for initially one vaccination centre, then growing to three.

I would definitely recommend ServiceMaster, they have been helpful, prompt, reliable and provided a high level of cleaning, we have come to rely on them and are forever grateful they have accommodated all our needs even with the constant changes of the vaccination programme. They are a pleasure to work with.  

LD – Vaccine Centre Coordinator

Working with our Healthcare clients throughout COVID has certainly had its challenges, but thanks to the fantastic procedures we already had in place, the close working relationship with our clients and the hard work put in by our teams, we are proud of the excellent relationships we have built with our clients and the high level of service we have been able to provide for them.

We know we can continue to build on the expertise for our healthcare clients and also transfer that knowledge to the schools and nurseries we work with, so they can also reap the benefits.

If you are not totally happy with your current cleaning provider and would benefit from the expertise ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services West Sussex, Surrey & Croydon can provide, call today on 01293 852835 or ask for a call back here.