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Meet the new owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services in Bradford

We sat down with Stuart McCaig, the new owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services in Bradford is now under new management, having been sold by the previous owner, Clive Jones, to former data analyst Stuart McCaig.

We sat down with Stuart to see how he’s been getting on with his new business and discuss his aspirations for the future.

Get to know the owner

Before joining ServiceMaster, Stuart worked as a contractor and a permanent data analyst for Lloyds Bank.

“I did a multitude of tasks, but towards the end, it was data analytics, and for my final big project, I was involved with a large-scale legal tendering process,” he says.

This background has informed his approach to decision-making and his direction.

After many years at Lloyds, he says he “wanted to be the master” of his “own path.”

So, he decided to step into something new.

After speaking with Clive and spending time in ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford, Stuart decided to take it on.

He is now ready to bring his committed, methodical and driven approach to contract cleaning.

Stuart’s Customer-Centric Approach

Embarking on his new path, Stuart says his focus is supporting clients to create a better cleaning experience.

His data-driven background means he recognises how to see what is of value for business and is committed to client satisfaction.

“My goal is making sure that the customers are being serviced in the way they should be,” he says.

“If they entrust us with what is essentially quite a simple task, their cleaning needs, we will do everything to ensure these needs are met.

And if, for some reason, they’re not, we will endeavour to put that right. I’ll spend every waking hour trying to ensure the business is where it needs to be and making sure they’re happy.”

“I’ll go Above and Beyond to make sure they’re happy the service we provide is what they expect.”

What ServiceMaster Clean Offers

At ServiceMaster Clean, we know that every business is different, and you may have different needs and priorates to your neighbour.

That’s why our cleaning services are bespoke.

Our teams work closely with you to understand what is important to you and go above and beyond to deliver at the highest standards every time using the best tools, staff, and know-how, backed by 60 years of industry-leading experience.

See how ServiceMaster Clean can help you.

If you’re in Bradford and would benefit from contract cleaning services that focus on the needs of your business to get the best value results for you, call Stuart and his team on 01274 299 874 today.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business for a free, no-obligation quotation on our range of expert cleaning services.