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A Christmas Conference Abroad

How business success led to an overseas Christmas for ServiceMaster AAA.

2022 was a year of success for the owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services AAA Siva Kugathas.

From winning and judging awards – including being crowned a Great British Entrepreneur and cleaning up at ServiceMaster Live – to taking part in multiple initiatives to support the local community, there’s been no shortage of activity for Siva and his team.

So, a trip abroad to commemorate the holidays certainly didn’t go amiss!

As part of a Christmas Conference and to celebrate all of the various successes and say thank you for all of their hard work, Siva took his senior leadership team to Antalya in Turkey last month.

The conference

When the team arrived in Turkey, it was time for a traditional dress evening full of celebration and anticipation for the conference, which Siva says created great excitement with guests at the hotel.

The next day, Siva shared 2022 results and unveiled plans & strategies for 2023.

This also involved a session on retaining and growing customers, followed by an evening Awards session, meal and drinks to celebrate and thank those who went above and beyond for ServiceMaster AAA in 2022.

The trip was tied off the next day with a full day to explore Antalya and a final evening meal, after which the team danced the night away before their flight home the next day.

The impact

Now back from Turkey, Siva says that he wanted to take his team overseas as an opportunity to bring everyone together.

With a vast territory covering many different areas in the country and staff based in separate offices nationwide, Siva says his goal with the conference was partly to bring the team together and get them working as a unit.

He says it was great to see his staff in a different environment, which enabled him to see how he can support them in a work setting and reward them for their hard work this year.

He adds that the trip was great fun and that it was lovely that everyone got to share an experience, socialise and get together, which, with such a vast team, doesn’t happen very often!

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