Finding a part-time cleaner might not be something you thought would be too difficult, but with the widely publicised labour shortage across the UK, it seems that filling that part-time vacancy has become much harder of late.

According to many news outlets, the labour shortage has been fuelled by an exodus of foreign workers due to Brexit and Covid. Cleaning services have historically been heavily staffed by foreign workers and cleaning vacancies have become much harder to fill in light of this.

Across the network, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services have seen a noticeable increase in enquiries from smaller companies, to help with their cleaning provision. It was once common for smaller businesses to hire cleaning staff in-house or request for existing employees to clean during or after normal duties. This seems to be at a much lower level than in previous years.

One of the main reasons for smaller businesses now outsourcing their cleaning, is difficulty in filling a vacancy for just a couple of hours a week or night. Secondly, there is the increased recognition that professional cleaning is more important than previously acknowledged.

With Covid-19 still of high concern for business owners, customers, patients, students and patrons, a good and professional cleaning protocol is of much higher priority than before.

Outsourcing to a professional cleaning company is a simple and obvious solution. For anyone looking to ensure high cleaning standards are maintained, finding a reliable and reputable commercial cleaning company ensures that the right cleaning procedures are in place.

Outsourcing to a professional commercial cleaning company also means takes the hassle out of recruiting a cleaner for just one or two hours a week. Finding that person / people will be managed by the company you have outsourced to. They are experienced in filling these vacancies and can have staff covering multiple sites, therefore offer cleaning operatives more hours over all. Put simply offering more hours, makes the role easier to fill.

Outsourcing also enables, business owners, bursars and practice managers etc. to spend more of their time focussing on what’s important to them, while the cleaning company focus can focus on what they do best, making sure the premises are clean but importantly, hygienic too.

If you are struggling to find a cleaner for your commercial premises or need the reassurance that a professional commercial cleaning company provides, get in touch with your local ServiceMaster Clean today and let us solve your cleaning problems.