Five ways professional cleaning services help employee productivity

How regular cleaning services boost your employee productivity.

Everybody knows that employee productivity is crucial to a company’s success.

Hard work, motivation, and focus all play a part in creating dynamic, productive workers.

Without it, workers can be more prone to sickness, sloth and complacency.

Therefore, the results that you want, and the culture of your company, suffer.

Good workplace productivity starts with a clean, tidy space.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have over 60 years of experience providing quality, professional contract cleaning services to a diverse clientele across numerous sectors.

With that experience comes the right know-how, people and technology to constantly go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional standard of cleaning every time.

But how does using our cleaning services help with employee productivity?

This blog post explores five ways professional contract cleaning services help boost worker productivity.

  1. Employees Will Use Fewer Sick Days

Regularly scheduled office cleanings are what is known as a type of nonpharmaceutical intervention (NPI).

Introduced under government guidelines at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, NPIs help to eliminate viruses like the flu from frequently touched items in high-traffic areas, like a facility or workplaces.

This helps decrease the risk of spreading viruses among employees.

If the office stays clean, your staff can stay on track without needing time off for avoidable illnesses.

Professional cleaning services include proven processes to ensure that all areas at high risk for contamination get cleaned regularly.

That way, your staff can stay focused, on task and present for every scheduled shift.

  1. Employees Will Be Less Distracted

Time is money.

You hire your employees to do their work, not to spend valuable time tidying around the office.

However, a cluttered workspace creates a cluttered mind.

With rubbish bins overflowing, dust everywhere and dirty or disorganised desks, it can be hard to concentrate on getting the job done.

Their minds may wander, or they’ll take time to clean up the mess themselves instead of completing their daily tasks.

Luckily, regular cleaning services ensure a consistently clean work environment so your staff can focus and perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

  1. Employees Feel Happier

In addition to creating a healthier office, a clean work environment makes for a happier office.

With dust-free desks and clean scents, your employees may feel excited about coming to work.

As opposed to showing up to a filthy, smelly, cluttered mess.

When you start using professional cleaning services to keep your work environment clean, check in with your employees to determine if their moods and perception of work have improved.

  1. Employees Spend More Time Working

According to the Cleaning Management Institute, when a building is cleaned for health standards rather than just making it look good, occupants get more work done and generally do a better job.

Outsourcing your cleaning services helps ensure that your building is cleaned appropriately to minimise the spread of illness and infections.

Professional cleaning services also give your employees more time to undertake their work, rather than cleaning or sanitising their desks and shared spaces.

  1. You Save Money

While professional cleaning services can help keep your facility healthy, clean and organised, they also help your company save money.

Outsourcing cleaning services can help you streamline your expenses since you pay on a by-needs basis.

You also won’t have to worry about having extra employees on your payroll.

Are you ready to increase productivity in your workplace? We’d love to help.

A custom cleaning programme from ServiceMaster Clean

Your local experts at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services can save your business time and money and improve productivity.

People are at the heart of what we do.

And so are the relationships that we nurture with our clients.

We know cleaning requirements are as unique as the businesses that need them.

We’ll work closely with you to create a customised cleaning programme that meets your business’s needs and schedule.

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