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Wearing it Green at ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland

Going green at ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland.

The team at ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland have been wearing it green for Mental Health Week.

Everyone in the office turned a shade of green and baked some delicious green treats – amazingly, several bakers managed to do this so they were suitably coloured AND delicious! 

Wear it Green Day

Wear It Green Day is an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation to raise money and awareness for mental health.

By wearing green and participating in fundraising activities, the team raised £134 to support the Mental Health Foundation to build a society with good mental health where everybody can thrive.

Thanks to donations from businesses like Deeland, the Mental Health Foundation can continue to develop and advocate for new and effective ways to support and protect positive mental health, run national campaigns and provide everyone with evidence-backed advice and resources to share proven mental health solutions with organisations across the UK.

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