ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East won multiple awards during this year’s ServiceMaster Spring Forward event.  

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services and Merry Maids businesses from across the UK rallied in Coventry this month for our Spring Forward event.

The day was packed with informative sessions from Team Academy on how owners and staff can utilise their natural superpowers to create an impact in their businesses.

The day was rounded off with a gala dinner and awards evening that saw franchise business owners from both brands awarded for their accomplishments over the last year.

Business growth at ServiceMaster Clean North East

This included Chris Blewitt and his ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East team, who won the prestigious North Star Growth awards for growth of over £100k and over £1 million in five years.

After winning these awards on the night, Chris said:

“[I’m] really proud of what everyone has done within the business.”

He added that he attributes his success to “hard work and having a good team, perseverance, and enjoying [his work] a lot.”

Customer service award

Chris was also awarded the North Star Customer Award for achieving a Net Promotor Score Average of +95, smashing the industry average of +49 out of the water!

Collecting this award, Operations Manager Carole Bostwick said it was “marvellous” to win and that it had really made her smile.

She went on to thank everybody in the room for their support and congratulated all the other winners on the night.

Carole collecting the business’ North Star Customer Award from ServiceMaster Brands UK Managing Director Alan Lewin

Congratulations to Chris and the team at ServiceMaster Clean North East for their hard work in contributing to their excellent business growth and customer satisfaction.

We wish them continued success in the years to come!

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Waving a teary goodbye to a committed employee from ServiceMaster Clean in the North East. 

There were a few tears recently when a vital staff member of the self-titled ServiceMaster Clean North East ‘A-Team’, Jackie McKale, hung up her work clothes for the last time.

But it was not without some appropriate fanfare.

Carole Bostwick, Operations Manager and Chris Blewitt, MD,  had an early morning drive to Blyth to ensure they could present some flowers to Jackie on her retirement.

Chris says:

‘The ‘A Team’ at our client’s two factories in Blyth have done an amazing job at these industrial premises.

They are a challenge to clean, and Jackie has played a major part in continuing to delight our customers.

She has always been extremely flexible and dedicated, and we wish her a long and happy retirement. She deserves it.”

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ServiceMaster Clean North East are supporting some top brass. 

ServiceMaster Clean North East are delighted to support the Billingham Silver Band at the ‘National Brass Band Championships’.

The annual event takes place at the Centaur Cheltenham and is one that Chris Blewitt, Managing Director, says he is proud to support North East team member Sandra Byers:

“We are very proud that the band are flying the flag for the region at the Championships and that one of our team Sandra Byers is part of the band.

To attend this major event takes a lot of organising and we are very happy to give some help towards getting them there. I’m sure it will be a grand day out.”

In need of a quality cleaner? 

If you’re in the Northeast and need a professional and expert contract cleaner, contact Chris and his team to benefit from professional cleaning services from an award-winning business, call 0191 338 619601642 044118 or 01207 788377.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to see how we can help you today.

In honour of Father’s Day, we’re spotlighting father and daughter duo Chris and Jessica Blewitt from ServiceMaster Clean North East, who recently celebrated 5 years in business.

What is it like to build a business with your father/daughter?

Chris: “Overall it’s great to build a business with your daughter. Jessica is only 23 now and was 17 when we started. She was at college then but helped out from the first day. She was the one that did our first tax return and she is the expert on invoicing, banking, and payroll.

It was not planned that she would come into the business, it just evolved. She went from helper to part-time employee. She then was offered a full-time promotion by her other part-time employer, which was a tough decision but I said she should do what was right for her. She carried on helping, which was hard when she had already done a long day.

We knew that one day she would come back into the business full-time but perhaps that was 5 or 10 years away. Rapid growth meant that a full-time Business Process Manager was required and she decided now was the time to come back into the business and we believe make it her career. Seeing firsthand her capability and dedication fills me with immense pride. At such a young age, she gives the appearance of a veteran. She is well-known in the network and with Head Office staff.”

Jessica: “I find it motivating to work in the business because if I do a good job, not only is it beneficial to me but to my Dad and my family as a whole. It can be challenging to have to switch between the roles of ‘employee and boss’  to ‘daughter and father’. Because it’s my Dad I always know he has my best interests at heart – I have his back and he has mine.”

Why did you decide to build a company alongside your family?

Chris: “As mentioned previously,  it wasn’t planned although I did think it could create opportunities for family members. Perhaps you could say I secretly hoped Jessica would get involved. I have a son also, Daniel, who is now 21 but still deciding what he wants to do. He is very entrepreneurial but still getting to grips with the world of work. At this stage, I am not sure if there would be a role in our commercial cleaning business but a franchise with another ServiceMaster brand could be a possibility.

Sue, my wife, also helps in the business but has her own separate career. That said, we worked side by side, on initial deep cleans, with  two of our longest serving clients and was there to support, for cover, when we only had a very small team.”

How has your dad/family given you the skills to run the business?

Jessica: “We are not quite at the stage where I am running the business but I am fully aware of all the functions. I specialise in our office and business processes, both developing them and operating them, but I am heavily involved in running the operational side of the business. The sales and marketing side of the business is something I would need more exposure to but alternatively, it’s not a role I might do, just manage if I take on a General Manager role in the future, depending how big we grow.

I work extremely closely with my Dad, so I live and breathe the events that occur in the company. We have very similar thinking, which makes it easier and my Dad likes to talk through issues with members of his team, including me – we have a very collaborative culture. I think my Dad is a great mentor and at 23 I feel well-equipped to run the franchise – at some point in the future. My Dad has a business degree but he tells me I have a much greater understanding of running a business than he did at my age.”

What is it like to operate a multi-generational business?

Chris: “Having the opportunity to work with a member of your family on any ‘project’ can be very rewarding, but building something as large and multi-faceted as a business takes this to another level. Being able to spend so much time with someone you care about is another benefit. I held my Dad in very high regard but I never saw so closely, firsthand,  how he did business.”

What legacy were/are you hoping to leave behind for Jessica/future generations?

Chris: “Building something that can benefit a future generation of your family is very satisfying. The thought that perhaps other future generations could be involved, develop themselves in the business, and take it on further would be even more exciting. Hopefully, the business will continue with my values being the foundation –  hard work, servicing our clients very well, looking after our people, and offering a truly professional service.  I have no plans to sell the business, my plan is to pass it on through the family – if that’s what they want to do.”

What about ServiceMaster Clean made it the right company for your careers?

Jessica: “Whilst I didn’t plan this as a career, I have found it to be a great match for my skills. I enjoy the variety of work and love the flexibility. Recently I bought a house to do up and the business gives me the opportunity to flex my day to keep the building project on track – I couldn’t have done this in a 9-5 role.  It’s a bit of payback for the nights a few years ago when we worked until 11 pm doing payroll before I became full-time!”

Chris: “When I looked at business opportunities I wanted something scalable, proven but with support if needed it. I thought the people at ServiceMaster Clean were people I could work with and this has been found to be the case. It’s great to be part of a network. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this 20 years earlier – but then I wouldn’t have been able to grow it from the start with my daughter.”

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“5 years on and exceeding all expectations.”

It was party… and cake time at ServiceMaster Clean North East this month.

This is because the company reached its 5th birthday.

And what a 5-years it has been!

How it all started

Chris Blewitt began trading in March 2018 after purchasing a vacant franchise territory in Durham and Teesside.

He had no staff or contracts but high expectations of building a successful commercial cleaning business from scratch.

Chris had a stretch target of building a profitable £1 million turnover in 5 years but wasn’t sure if this was realistic.

Overcoming challenges

There are naturally nerves and uncertainty with a fresh start.

With his background in operations, Chris says he wasn’t as sure of his ability as a salesman.

But following the training he received as part of a franchise and with time and practice, contracts soon started to build, and Chris realised he was more than capable.

This extended to all aspects of the business, as Chris found that his fresh start gave him a wealth of experience in all areas.

“The great thing about starting from zero is you get to experience doing every job,” he says.

“As well as doing the sales and marketing, I was the Supervisor looking after an increasing team of cleaners.”

Two years in, Chris had built a reasonable-sized business when COVID hit, and the world changed.

“The first few days after the Prime Minister’s announcement were frantic and quite scary, with nearly 50% of our customers shutting their offices,” says Chris.

In a time when other cleaning companies sought to make a fast buck through ‘fogging’ opportunities, Chris prioritised his core business by looking after existing customers and staff.

It’s a strategy that worked, as every customer returned after COVID-19.

“Within two months trading, we were back to 76% of pre-COVID levels, and the introduction of the furlough scheme gave some assurances that the business could at least tread water.”

Chris did use the time in this lull wisely as he started to look for other opportunities to grow.


This culminated with purchasing the neighbouring ServiceMaster Clean franchise, which covers Tyneside and Wearside, at the end of his third year in business.

At this point, the trading name was changed to reflect the entire region it covers – the North East – and Chris set about merging two businesses and teams.

Two management staff came across under the TUPE transfer, which helped make running the Operations side of the business easier.

“When you take over a business, you often focus on the contracts and equipment you are getting. But my experience is that the real value is in the great people you inherit,” says Chris.

Nurturing a healthy growth culture

A vital part of building a business is the development of the culture, and Chris says he is very conscious of the values that run throughout his organisation.

“One of the most satisfying things for me is to look at how we work.”

“We are very dynamic. We treat all stakeholders respectfully, share good practices, and constantly strive to improve.”

“We do things properly and professionally and do what we say we will. Though I say it myself, I think we are very slick,” he says.

“We recently recruited a new experienced Supervisor, and although her previous cleaning company exists within the same market, she can’t believe how easy we make all activities.”

This has not happened by chance, as Chris has greatly emphasised systems and processes.

Chris’ daughter, Jessica, also now works full-time as the Business Process Manager, having always been involved in the business, even when she was at college.

“We didn’t want someone just to operate the systems but to develop them,” Chris says.

“We use market-leading time and attendance software, but what sets us apart is that we have managed to integrate it with our specialist cleaning payroll and invoicing system.”

“Others run one or both of these systems independently but struggle to put in the effort to make integration happen.”

A real success story

At the end of the fifth year, the business achieved a turnover of £1.2 million, serving over 100 loyal customers and employing over 130 staff.

Chris has also been recognised for his business success, having achieved the ServiceMaster Award of Excellence and Great British Franchisee status last year, placing him amongst the top 15 franchise business owners in the country!

With his initial stretch target convincingly beaten, Chris plans to grow the business to £2 million in the next three years.

“I am very proud of the team and what they have achieved. We have solid foundations but still a long way to go on our journey.”

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How we’re giving back to local food banks this Christmas. 

Here at ServiceMaster Clean North East, we endeavour to support our local food banks all year round. But giving back at Christmas is usually the largest drive we do in the year. This year even more so, as we want to do as much as we can to support our community in the current Cost of Living Crisis.

That’s why, this year we joined forces with Tesco Consett, who pledged to give 20% on top of any goods we donated.

Pictured above is our Business Process Manager Jessica, who coordinated our efforts, with the Tesco Store Manager and Community Champion with some of our donations.

The Tesco Manager was overwhelmed which such a large donation – which was over 125 items – including toothbrushes, soap, toilet rolls as well as the staples like soup, teabags, hot dogs and cereals.

Jessica said ”At ServiceMaster Clean, we pride ourselves on being involved with our communities and this year, more than ever, we feel it is important to make the effort”.

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ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East is getting prepared for Christmas. 

It’s not just a coincidence that ServiceMaster Clean North East Business Owner Chris Blewitt is growing a beard. Yes, it’s that time of year, when preparations are made to reward the hard-working cleaning elves of the North East and to make donations to some worthwhile local causes.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contact Services, people are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we endeavour to give back to our local communities as much as we can.

Our team members up and down the country work hard to give back and provide value to our communities. Whether this is in the work we do cleaning schools, and medical facilities, or giving back through charity endeavours.

In the lead-up to Christmas, Chris and the North East team will be donating to a number of worthy causes like the Durham and Sunderland Food Bank. They will also be joining our head office teams in donating to their local Salvation Army branch, as well as some local care homes.

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about how our teams are supporting their communities in the run-up to Christmas.

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How Chris Blewitt of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East are supporting the Great North Air Ambulance Service.

Business owners Chris and Sue Blewitt from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East recently attended a charity ball at The Hilton, Gateshead.

The event was to raise funds for one of their favourite charities: The Great North Air Ambulance Service.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (or GNAAS) brings pioneering pre-hospital care to the scene, rescuing hundreds of severely injured or ill patients every year.

However, despite doing such vital work, they are not NHS-funded.

So, Chris and Sue joined 17 friends and neighbours to support this worthy cause for an enjoyable evening.

Over £50,000 was raised on the night for the service, which operates right across the region where ServiceMaster North East operates.

This money will go a long way in ensuring the staff and patients of this worthy charity get the money and support they need to carry on through these uncertain times.

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At ServiceMaster Clean, our vans are an iconic part of our brand. This year, we’ve expanded the fleet. 
As award-winning cleaners, who are committed to delivering excellence, ServiceMaster Clean North East are always looking to innovate and expand our services. That’s why over the last year, we have invested in 4 ‘nearly-new’ VW Caddy vans.

What our vans mean

As a leader in the cleaning industry for over 60 years, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services has become synonymous with excellence. Similarly, Chris Blewitt, Managing Director of ServiceMaster Clean North East describes our iconic vans are a symbol of our reliability,
“As part of our expansion, it is important that our supervisory team have reliable vehicles to ensure we maintain our extremely reliable cleaning service.”
All of the vans can be spotted easily by our distinctive yellow and white branding. They are fantastic advertising for our brand and it is fair to say that, over a week,  they can be seen in every major town or city in the North East of England.
Whether your business is in Ashington in the north, Coulby Newham in the south of the region, or anywhere in between, we can service all of your cleaning requirements.

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A cleaning company boss with clients all over the North East of England has won a major industry award.

Chris Blewitt, the owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East, impressed the judges to take the Great British Franchisee Award, placing him among the industry’s elite.

Chris’ Story

Starting with just an empty office and no staff – but following the proven business methods developed over years by ServiceMaster – Chris has turned his franchise into a thriving office and commercial cleaning business with a million-pound turnover and 124 employees.

Unusually in the world of franchising, Chris expanded his operation not by buying an additional franchise territory but by taking over another related business, that had plateaued.

Chris drew on his years of experience in running factories and supply chains and transformed the acquisition into a profitable part of his own franchised business.

“The business was nearly twice the size of mine but not very profitable, with a lot of low contract prices,” Chris recalls.

“It allowed me to operate not only in Durham and Teesside but right across the North East region.

“We have just had our record month, turning over £109,000, and we’re only a short way into our franchising journey!”


He’s distinguished himself as part of the ServiceMaster network, too, picking up the title of Rookie of the Year in 2019 and the Award of Excellence in 2021.

Chris said ‘’I am delighted to pick up this distinguished award on behalf of the team. Not only does this acknowledge excellence in our own industry but across all sectors of franchise business.

Our story, in just over 4 years, is a testament that, with a lot of hard work, franchising really does work and you can build a sizeable, professional service business’’.

Get in touch

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The owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East is celebrating having won the prestigious Award of Excellence at ServiceMaster Live!

‘ServiceMaster Live!’, which took place this May, was a gathering of franchisees from across the ServiceMaster Ltd. brand family. Franchisees from each network came together to learn from one another and celebrate each other’s successes in an awards ceremony at the end of the day.

This included the presentation of the coveted Award of Excellence, awarded to none other than Chris Blewitt of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East. This is given to a franchisee that has proven to exemplify the ServiceMaster tenet of the pursuit of excellence.

Chris has owned and managed his business for four years. He has acquired an excellent reputation among his clients for providing professional cleaning services during this time. This was initially across Durham and Teesside. However, he also developed this by expanding his territory and substantially growing his business by covering a much larger area early last year. As Chris says,

“We now cover the whole North East region.’’

Upon embarking on his journey, Chris’s focus was not only on growing his business but also on developing his workforce and creating more local jobs. Not only has he done this – as he now employs 124 people – but Chris also truly embodies the ServiceMaster ethos of going Above and Beyond by always taking time to provide help and support to other franchisees within the network.

As Victoria Tayler, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services’ Marketing Manager says,

“Chris truly deserves this award. Since knowing and working with Chris, it has been clear that he prides himself on creating a first-class service for his clients and fully embracing the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand. Chris has not only built a fantastic business providing exceptional service to his clients but also provides a great deal of support to the rest of the network and is always eager to help develop and progress the network as a whole.”

Chris says that receiving the Award of Excellence is especially humbling given the size and strength of the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services network and that he felt honoured to be recognised amongst them at ServiceMaster Live!

“ServiceMaster Clean nationally has a lot of very well-run businesses. I am delighted that our business is considered to be performing at the highest level, in everything we do. It is a credit to the team we have and the tremendous dedication they show day in and day out.’’

“We strive to provide a truly professional cleaning service,’’ he says. “One our customers can rely on. We ensure that all aspects of the cleaning contract are carried out properly. This appeals to the type of customers we want to attract and will ensure our ambitious growth plans should be achieved.”

With ambitious plans and the will to achieve them, it is no wonder and no doubt that the future looks bright for Chris and ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East. We would once again like to congratulate Chris and thank him and his team for all their hard work during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are not totally happy with your current commercial cleaning provider, get in touch with Chris and his team today to see how they can help you keep your building clean.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Durham & Teesside  have a very busy week this week,  we are starting 2 new contracts in 2 days and both of them are near neighbours of existing contracts.
In Middlesbrough we have a new manufacturing site in the Cargo Fleet Lane area. It’s opposite a site where we have 5 Cleaners, just around the corner from another customer and just a stones throw away from a long-standing site which was our 2nd ever client.
In Bishop Auckland we have the third site for an existing customer,  who has just re-located to the area. This newly refurbished office sits opposite several buildings we clean for another of our bigger clients.
So in both cases we have very strong teams of capable staff to draw on for support,  should we need it.
Perhaps we can introduce these clients to each other and as the song goes “that’s when good neighbours become good friends”.

ServiceMaster Clean Durham & Teesside are very proud to be the main sponsor of Lumley U17s football team. The lads certainly had another great season, winning all 3 competitions they entered. They won the Russell Foster Premier League by 16 points and followed this up with the U18s Durham County Cup beating Hartlepool Youth U18s 4-0 in the final. They then went on to win the League Cup from Hebburn on warm day 6-0 in this final to achieve the treble.

The team is managed by the Business Owner of ServiceMaster Clean Durham & Teesside, Chris Blewitt. When asked what is the secret of their success Chris replied, ‘’they mop up everything at the back and sweep the opposition aside’’. You wouldn’t expect anything else from the best junior football team in the North East,  who are sponsored by the best cleaning company.

As you may remember form last month, ServiceMaster Clean Durham & Teesside got into the World Cup spirit and hosted a sweepstake event and activities to involve staff, suppliers and customers.

As well as wanting to have some fun we were also raising money for a local adult disability football team ‘Beamish Dynamos’. Whilst England didn’t achieve all of their goals,  ServiceMaster Clean did,  as we raised  £220 to put towards this very worthy cause.

Pictured is Tom Coltman of Beamish Dynamos FC (left) receiving the cheque from Chris Blewitt the owner of ServiceMaster Clean Durham & Teesside.

Thanks to all who supported this event.

One of the stated aims of ServiceMaster Clean CS Durham & Teesside is to ‘develop a great company to be part of ‘. We want to have a bit of fun and enjoy our work so when the nation’s favourite horse race came along, Business Owner Chris Blewitt decided to put a bet on for each of his staff. ‘’Fingers crossed that one of them gets the winner but hopefully they won’t win enough to stop them delivering a great service to our customers next week’’