Would you pass your next CQC audit?

As a care provider, be it a GP Surgery, dentist, care home or private clinic, it is essential that you maintain stringent hygiene standards.

Maintaining a clean environment:

  • Ensures patient and staff safety
  • Prevents and controls infections
  • Reassures patients

But following the update to the UK government’s National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness, care providers must ensure they adhere to specific criteria regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC is an independent regulatory body operating throughout the UK that monitors, inspects, and regulates health and social care providers.

New frameworks – CQC Key Questions and Quality Statements

The new framework employed by the CQC ensures that care providers adhere to standards across five key areas:

  1. Safety
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Care
  4. Responsivity
  5. Leadership

These are known as quality statements. Which the CQC defines as “the commitments that providers, commissioners, and system leaders should live up to.”

To ensure your premises meets safety standards, they must be clean, well-maintained and hygienic.

How to pass your next CQC audit with flying colours

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have:

  • Years of experience in the CQC market
  • Industry-leading specialist technology to clean spaces and equipment
  • Solutions and support with the paperwork required for audits

So, you can trust ServiceMaster Clean to keep your premises safe, CQC compliant, and looking good.

With ServiceMaster Clean, you’re in safe hands.

And we’ll make it work for you.

We know it’s never a one-service-suits-all, so we work closely with your teams to understand how you use your space.

We’ll also consider feedback from previous audits, tailoring our services package to fit you.


  • Defined cleaning specifications
  • Flexible hours (to suit your practice)
  • A trusted, nationwide brand
  • Industry-leading technologies to help tackle specialist cleaning requirements
  • Dedicated management and regular site visits/ audits
  • Safe and systemised cleaning
  • Quick response and callouts
  • A team you can trust

Trust ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services to pass your next CQC audit with flying colours.

Are you worried about your next audit?

Don’t let stress about an audit impact your people or services.

Trust the professionals.

For specialist CQC-compliant cleaning trusted to deliver every time, call 0845 201 1184 or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today.

Two Yorkshire-based commercial cleaning franchise owners are taking part in their second Longest Day Golf Challenge, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Adam Marcham and Clive Jones of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Huddersfield and Bradford, respectively, will take part in the challenge at Meltham Golf Club, which is situated against the Pennine Hills, near to Huddersfield on June 22nd and are aiming to raise over £500 in the process. During the feat, the duo will complete 72 holes, walking over 24 miles, taking more than 600 shots between them.

Adam Marcham, general manager, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Huddersfield, said: “This is the second time we’ve taken part in this challenge and whilst it’s hard work, it’s all for a great cause. We’re hoping to raise over £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support and taking donations on our Just Giving page.”

Clive Jones, director, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford, added: “We’ve been practicing our games in preparation; our clubs are ready, golf balls are stocked up and we’re raring to go. It’s just the impact on the ol’ knees that you can’t prepare for!”

Adam and Clive are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support via their Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/servicemasteryorkshire.

Having completed a marathon length golf challenge consisting of 72 holes in one day, Adam Marcham from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Leeds is delighted to have raised a wonderful £608.00 for Macmillan.

Adam completed the day together with Clive Jones, Owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford, it was a challenging day to say the least but well worth the hard work.

Keep watching for the next challenge that Adam will take on.

…for the long walk home!

This year as part of ServiceMaster Huddersfield/Leeds charity challenge Adam Marcham will taking part in a long distance walk from Bridlington to Clayton West…a total of 130 miles over 3.5 days.

Adam and 13 others will be taking part in ‘The long walk home’ to support and raise money for a very worth while cause – Brain Tumour Research.

This is no small task and is yet is another in the list of challenges Adam has carried out over the last few years to help raise money for charities close to his heart.

Below is the just giving page where you can read the story about the organiser of ‘The long walk home’, Nick Giddings’ wife who recently suffered from a brain tumour but through research and treatment got the all clear. If you would like to donate and to this worthwhile cause, you can do so through the justgiving link.

Thanks again for reading and your donations.

Many small businesses find that in order to save money with their cleaning they will “share the cleaning between the staff” or “I do it myself when I have a spare few minutes” or “a friend comes in once a week to give it a once over”.

This is all well and good but when you break down the actual costs of “doing it yourself” you will soon find that this approach is actually costing you more!!

Cleaning it yourself.

A small business with an office to will usually consist of a few desks, washroom, small kitchen and reception/entrance so on the face of it does not require much attention.

Where as the truth is the Office has desks, chairs, bins, computers, drawers, units, skirting’s, carpet, phones, switches, extinguishers, windows, windowsills, lights. The Kitchen has hard floor, units, work tops, microwave, fridge, toaster (with crumbs) skirting’s, bin and the Washrooms have the toilet bowl, Hard floor, sink, taps, pipes, door…..

So when it comes to cleaning’ a small office can become much larger and the “few minutes” can become a good hour!

  • This is just the basics of cleaning and when we go more in depth are you using the right Techniques?
  • Is the ‘friend who helps out’ Insured against damages? Have they been trained on how to Safely Use the chemicals and what to do if an Accident happens?
  • If they go on Holiday who do you get to come in and help?
  • Then there is the Equipment!
  • Is the equipment such as the Vacuum suitable for the job?
  • Have they been PAT Tested?
  • What do you do if the Vacuum Breaks or suddenly stops working?
  • The Mop Heads need changing and you also need new Cloths!
  • The Chemicals you have bought from the shop, are they Suitable for the job?
  • Do these chemicals have COSHH and MSDS Sheets?
  • Is the equipment Colour Coded to eliminate Cross Contamination?
  • If you run out of Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Surface Spray do you have to dash out to the supermarket to buy some more?

Running the company office is your main priority.
Let cleaning the company office be ours.

To the majority of Small Business owners the various aspects of cleaning mentioned above would not cross their mind, it didn’t me until I began working with ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, but all are important and need taking into consideration to not only keep your office clean but also safe and hygienic too.

Factor in that with the Cost and Time taken to purchase the Chemicals, the Equipment, the Maintenance and Repair, organise someone to Cover “The Friend” when they are off and to check that they are Cleaning to your Standards.
These are all things to be considered but most importantly do you as a business owner have the Free Time to organise the cleaning, the Free Time to take an hour to clean the office or the Free Time to buy and replace things that the cleaner needs?

My bet is no…but we do.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Huddersfield, Leeds & Wakefield we have the time to provide you with all the safe and documented equipment and chemicals you need, we have the time to ensure cover is provided if the cleaner is off, we have the time to replace broken equipment and most importantly we have the time to ensure you are getting the service you deserve.

Having Contract Cleaners such as ServiceMaster in place may look like an added cost to your business but when you look a little deeper, it is not as much as you may think!